Why Should I Pass The CCC Examination


Computer literacy needs to reach the common man in this 21st century. Since many years, the level of computer literacy was growing, but now, it is at peaks. It is the sole reason; people of all ages and life are showing keen interest in CCC. CCC also is known as course on Computer Concepts connotes its meaning in few words itself. Having a CCC certificate will take you to new heights and will unlock a new career prospect.

IS CCC examination a suitable choice for today’s generation?

Conceived with an idea 

The introduction of CCC course is an outcome of an idea, and it is to establish computer literacy among the society with a cause. National Task Force on Information and Technology and Software Development has taken this opportunity with the aim of imparting high-level knowledge in this field.

Inducing computer penetration in every walk of life

The concept of CCC is to furnish computer education to homemakers, students, small business and the list has possibly no end. Everyone who wants to make use of this opportunity can start with this course.

Enhancing Employment Opportunities

Computer is a major requirement in our daily life. In this digitalised world, it is hard to live without computers, and the ones who are unaware of the same find it tricky to survive in the workplace. With CCC certification, everyone will get an opportunity to live with their expectations and give a fresh start to their life. The areas where one can easily ask for the job include

  • Software development engineer
  • Server analyst
  • Technician
  • Computer Programmer

Chance of learning the core of computer knowledge

Now, you must be anxious to know what exactly people will learn through this course. Also, will it be worthy enough to spend time and efforts on it? Passing CCC examination will let you open many opportunities such as making letters, presentations, working with emails, creating database etc. All these are the real need of the web world in which we are living at this time.

Accessible in all terms –

  • The candidates can easily apply for the CCC exam form through both in offline or online mode.
  • The total examination fee will cost with 590 Rs.
  • It is a regular examination cycle enabling candidates
  • There is a minimum or maximum age limit for writing the examination.
  • The CCC examination carries only one paper.
  • The time duration of the course is 80 hours.
  • A contender can opt again and again for the CCC examination.

CCC Certificate

After completion of the CCC course, every passing candidate will be allotted with a certificate in their name. The certificate will be delivered to the candidates all the through the approved institutes.

In case of any mistakes or errors, then also you should not worry about the validity of certificates. With simple procedures, you can also apply for re-issue of the certificate in only 50Rs along with a set of documents.

CCC examination is not about trying your luck in the field of computer literacy but adding weight to your career and future business options. It can also be taken into consideration for attracting computer understanding for personal gain too.

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