West Bengal Karmbhoomi Portal 2020 – IT Jobs In West Bengal Online


The West Bengal government has launched a unique program for the jobless skilled IT professionals in the state. The Bengal government, following the footsteps of other states, has started a portal called West Bengal Karmbhoomi portal to get IT jobs in West Bengal. The people who possess the relevant skills and wish to work under the government can register themselves to the portal.

West Bengal Karmbhoomi portal

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has launched a job portal for all the skilled IT job professionals in the state. Many people have lost their jobs or returned to the state. However, now the West Bengal Karmbhoomi portal will help all these people to get jobs in their sector. The CM has assured that those skilled people who register them on the portal can get IT jobs in West Bengal with the IT companies working in the state.

There are a lot of IT companies that operate in the state, and they are also facing severe staff shortage as many people have returned to their home state. However, with this move, it is evident that both the companies and people will find themselves on this portal.

Important highlights of WB IT job portal

The major highlights of the West Bengal Karmbhoomi portal are given below:

Name of the scheme           Karmbhoomi portal
Application Method Online
Beneficiary Skilled IT professionals of West-Bengal
Purpose Work opportunity in the state
Launched by Mamta Banerjee, CM of West Bengal
Launched in West-Bengal
Main Purpose Creating job opportunities for jobless IT students.
Official website https://karmabhumi.nltr.org


Who can register to the Karmo-bhumi portal?

The government has mentioned that West Bengal KarmBhoomi portal is only for the IT professionals who have returned to the states. Also, the people who have lost jobs due to COVID-19 can apply on this WB IT job portal. West Bengal has a good amount of IT companies operating in the state. The authorities will scrutiny the form of the applicants. Upon scrutiny, if the applicant is desirable, he will be allotted into any company.

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How To Register To The Portal

The people who want to avail of the benefit of the West Bengal KarmBhoomi Registration Form should fill the form correctly. It is very important that the details in the form are correct. The applicants should follow the following details in the application form of WB IT job portal:

  • Go to the official website of the portal
  • Or Click Here
  • Click on the skilled IT professionals Registration form link.
  • The applicant must fill the name of the applicant in the form correctly.
  • The applicants must enter the date of birth.
  • Post this choose your Gender.
  • Fill all your qualifications and experience in the space given
  • Click on generate OTP and then note it down
  • Fill all the other important details as asked in the form.
  • Click on “I Accept” and then proceed further.
  • After rechecking all the details submit the application form.

Benefits of WB IT job portal

IT professionals form the backbone of the country; there are a lot of IT engineers and skilled people who have lost their job due to COVID. However, now the West-Bengal government has taken a significant step and launched the WB IT job portal. Many IT companies in the state are facing a shortage of staff post their migration to their home states. In another case, many skilled professionals are seeking jobs lost in COVID-19.

This West Bengal KarmBhoomi will prove to be a platform where both these parties meet and work with each other. The success can be measure from the fact that the website has registered 5000 applications within hours of launch.

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