Top IGCSE Schools In Chennai


As we know, Education is a fundamental part of everyone’s life. Without education we are nothing, education is what separates us from others. The fundamental step to acquiring education is enrolling oneself in a School. School is the place where we can learn and develop self-values and personality. A school is a place with four walls and a bright future inside. Parents are generally on a mission to see the right sort of schools that they believe in and accept along with an effective board. International General Certificate of Secondary Education simply known as IGCSE schools is also one of the trusted boards.

IGCSE board is highly focused and trusted with student-centric which believes in making learning a creative one for children. The Syllabus that the board envelops is quite demanding and the approach is also based on application and not only theories. The board even gives a wide assortment of subjects to browse and have confidence in gaining knowledge. 

There are a number of schools following the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus in Chennai. Among them the top IGCSE schools in Chennai are:

Campus K The Next Generation School

Campus K is mainly a K-12 progressive school that is effectively following innovative ideas and activities for students to power the pursue knowledge. Acquiring old wisdom with the resourcefulness of innovative technology and the aptitude of academicians and child improvement psychologists, Campus k gives an educational environment that encourages the next generation of leaders. Every student is instructed in a way that sets them up for this real-world (present reality).

The Campus kedge gives the student a move forward by overcoming the challenges and difficulties posed by traditional formats of controlled teaching. Campus K will follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) board, commonly known as IGCSE, along with the standards spread out by Project Based Learning and Personalized Learning Plans to guarantee that each student flourishes overall to the best of their ability.

Quite exciting right! Campus k is one of the best IGCSE schools in Chennai located at Sholinganallur Chennai. You can also visit their official site for more information.

The Indian Public School

The Indian public school, simply known as TIPS, their main aim is to give each child the absolute most ideal beginning in their schooling through dynamic vibrant, and engaging teaching. They enable their children to become active students by offering testing and challenging, wide, and balanced International Baccalaureate and Cambridge educational plan programs. 

All through the school, they believe their children to enjoy a wide range of co-curricular and academic experiences which bring the educational plan to life and make learning fun. Every one of our facilitators guarantees the most ideal nature of training for the kids in a consistently every year group. They assist understudies with learning in the ways that are ideal for them, sustaining a delight in learning and energy to seek after their interests. 

The Indian Public School is located in Perungudi Chennai. You can also visit their official site for more information.

KC High International School

KC High International School is considered a model organization for creating competent and courageous citizens of the world to empower a better tomorrow. They provide a joyful and provoking environment that takes care of a diverse student population and cultivates an associate with nature and culture, through a group of mindful and enthusiastic facilitators.

They have created an environment of high expectations for excellence that every child is unique and every child can learn in supporting the wholesome development of students-intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

They are empowering their students to become lifelong learners and employ higher-order thinking in fostering deep inquiry and self-reflection to face challenges. KC High offers freedom in the delivery of curriculum providing an opportunity for the school to use innovative approaches in both teaching and learning in order to make learning fun.

KC High International School is located in Chennai. You can also visit their official website for more information.


Akshar Arbol International School

 Akshar Arbol International School gives the best of contemporary instructive practices in an environment of participation and common regard, through experiential learning, for long-lasting reasoning and critical thinking.

we accept that a School is an improving and remunerating space where the whole local area meets up, learns, benefits, and develops through the rich associations with one another.

When they asked different stakeholders what life at AAIS means to them, here is what they heard from them! Their Learners, Teachers, Parents, and their school leadership team.

Finally, Akshar Arbol International School is in West Mambalam, Chennai and You can also visit their official site for more information.

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