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Test of English as a foreign language – TOEFL is the exam to know the English proficiency of the candidates who were appeared in the exam. This is an international certificate for admission in various universities across the world – more than 9000 institutions among around 130 countries accept TOEFL exam. The exam is conducted by ETS – Educational Testing Agency all around.


Type Of TOEFL Exam

There are two types of Exam conducted by the authority and they are mention below:

  1. TOEFL iBT – TOEFL Internet-Based Test.
  2. TOEFL PBT – TOEFL Paper Based Test.

The exam in both the format has four sections to test the ability, These are – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. TOEFL iBT Takes 3 hours to complete the test, and conduct around 50 times in a year by ETS. TOEFL PBT takes 4 hours and conducts 4 times a year.

TOEFL Exam Online Registration

The online registration process is available for the test through the official website of ETS. The registration fees are around 12k in Indian currency. The test has waited of total 120 marks. Different institutions could have different standard marks for admission. The score is valid for two years. There is no limit for the candidates for the number of attempts for the exam.

TOEFL Exam Pattern

As we have said TOEFL consists of four sections. Each section has a different kind of testing elements and time to solve the elements mentioned in the below table:

Test Type TOEFL Exam Duration Task
Reading Questions: 30–40 questions

Duration: 54–72 minutes

Three to four passages would be given with around 12 questions for each passage, it means around 30-40 questions. This session should be completed between 54-72 minutes.
Listening Questions: 28-38

Duration: 41-57 minutes

This is the listening section on the test where candidates are given audio recording; it could be of any lecture or any conversation or interview in the TOEFL Exam.

Candidates would have to listen, around five such audio of three to five minutes each and answer the questions.

NOTE: After two sections there would be a break of 10 minutes before going for the next two sections.
Writing Questions: 2 tasks

Duration: 50 minutes

Writing sections is like essay writing on given topics. This section tests the grammar knowledge of the candidates.

This section has two tasks, where candidates would have to write their opinion on the topics of reading and listing sections.

Speaking Questions: 4 tasks

Duration: 17 minutes

Like the listening section this section also has an instrument; microphone. Like the writing section, this section also tests the grammar and vocabulary ability of the candidate.

This section divides into 4 tasks, in which one would be an audio clip with a transcript of 15 seconds and candidates have to respond in 45 seconds for TOEFL Exam.


 TOEFL Exam Preparation

The Six-month preparation is sufficient for the TOEFL test if your academic is good with the English language. Basic knowledge of the English language is very essential to appear for the test. It is also suggested for students appearing for TOEFL exam to solve free online exercises available online, it will help students to clear the examination.

Online Preparation For TOEFL Exam

As most of the candidates are going for TOEFL iBT, So online preparation becomes important for an online test. For the listening and speaking section’s point of view, online preparation is suitable for the candidates.

Offline Preparation For TOEFL Exam

For the Reading and writing section perspective, candidates also have the option of books and notes. They would require a high level of comprehension practice sets. Essay writing in the civil services examination and comprehension practice sets for Bank PO and the specialist officer is equally beneficial for the TOEFL  exam.

TOEFL Test Marks Distribution

As we said that the test consists of a total of 120 marks, 30 marks for each section. To check the test ETS applies two ways first checking by human experts and second by Artificial Intelligent – AI.

Human experts check the last two sections – Speaking and Writing, and AI checks in the first two sections. Both the combination of testing generates accuracy in the score obtained by the candidates in the TOEFL exam.

How To Prepare For Exam

There are various online platforms provide online preparation module for TOEFL Exam. candidates also have the option to prepare with ETS official website. There are resources available for the preparation at the official site of ETS.

ETS has free preparation resources in the form of different e-books, which include models question papers and question papers of previous years of all the sections. Candidates can download the official mobile app of ETS and can prepare any time they want. Apart from these free resources ETS also guides the candidates by giving useful tricks; making preparation planning and time management during the test.


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