Speech On Indian Farmer – Indian Farmer Essay For Students


An Indian farmer should be respected by everyone. It is he who gives grains and vegetables to the citizens of the motherland. During the year, the Indian farmer remains busy tilling the fields, sowing seeds, and reaping the crops. Indeed, his is a very industrious and hard life. He gets up fresh in the morning. Then, he takes his bulls and plough or tractor and continues to his fields. In the fields, he plows the land for hours together. He works very hard but sells his products in the market at a very nominal price due to a lack of a proper market mechanism.

He lives a very simple life. His clothes have a rustic flair. He lives in a mud-house, though many producers of Punjab, Haryana, and UP have built Pucca houses as well. His property includes a few bulls, a plow- share, and a few acres of land.

Speech On Indian Farmer - Indian Farmer Essay For Students
Speech On Indian Farmer – Indian Farmer Essay For Students

A farmer is the very spirit of a nation. Our late prime minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, gave a slogan, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.” He accomplished that an Indian farmer feeds the nation. Upon him depends the horticultural production, hence he must be given with all the latest implements of farming. Better seeds, fertilizers, manures, implements, and chemicals for agriculture can enable him to grow more.

What Is An Indian Farmer?

India is the property of farmers. It is called so because the bulk of Indians are directly or indirectly involved in agricultural activities. It would not be wrong to say that farmers are the spine of our economy.

What Is The Value Of a Farmer In Our Life?

Farmers are an important part of the survival of our various societies because they give food and fiber that nourishes and clothes us. They make efficient use of natural resources and use both primitive and very advanced technologies to obtain this.

Why Farmers Are Important In India?

Agriculture plays an active role in the Indian economy. Over 70 percent of the country’s households depend on agriculture. Agriculture is an important sector of the Indian economy as it provides about 17% of the total GDP and provides employment to over 60% of the population.

Speech On Indian Farmer

India is a country of villages. Agriculture is a major profession in this country. Therefore, a farmer places a very powerful position in our social order. He earns a place of respect for society in a big way. An Indian farmer, in fact, is the resolution of the Indian nation

Today, we all have come here to rejoice in the farmer moments, and this day is very special for all of us because we have achieved 20 years of success and trust in our consumers. We always try to make everything the best and keep people’s faith in our fields. As this day is very special, we have encouraged some people without whom we can not open a restaurant and yes! They are our great farmers.

Opening the restaurant is not possible without the farmers who provide us raw food. They are the backbone of our country and are equally respected as soldiers in the country. There was a time when our country was known for its prosperous agriculture all over the world. Western countries were influenced by the diversity of crops and especially the variety of spices. In fact, we are living in a country where we have a uniform adventure of every season of nature with different climatic conditions all over the country, which are different in the country and therefore our Farmers are able to grow different types of crops, weather, and climate. We can find that every part of the country has its own distinctness, which differs from north to south and from east to west. We should respect this special gift of maternal nature which he has given us.

As we all are aware of the current situation of farmers in our country, we really need to support them and we should understand the importance of food in our lives and farmers should be appreciative of the efforts it has made in production because Every time we waste food, we disrespect the efforts of farmers. Although the government is taking some action to improve the situation of the farmers and to reduce the pressure on their back every day about those loans, children’s education, family management, etc., many people have to educate the farmers’ Programs have been started. Regarding the new techniques of agriculture and bank loans and policies, which have actually improved the conditions of the farmers somewhere and I hope this day will be better with the passage of time.

On this note, I want to conclude my words and want to give special thanks to the farmers to join us here today and we want to give our time to make this celebration more special. I would like to thank our organizers for organizing this event in such a beautiful way and to do more to this event.

Thanks and I wish you all the great days ahead!


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