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One-Touch App labs launched Remove China App for deleting all the apps that are oriented in China. The company announced a Boycott Chinese app on play-store as a mark of protest against China. This Boycott China app promises to automatically remove all the Chinese app which are present in any smartphone. In this article, we will talk about all the knicks and knacks of this app and how it works.

Remove China App
Remove China App

Remove China App APK

COVID-19 has affected the world adversely and every person and country is blaming China for this pandemic. China is facing several protests from vivid parts for its negligence towards the pandemic. everybody is demanding to boycott Chinese products, markets and all other goods. Even people in India are constantly demanding action against China for its misconduct.

To mark this protest, the developers of One Touch app labs have come forward and made Remove China App application. This Boycott Chinses app promises to remove all the Chinese app present on your phone with a single click.

Boycott Chinese app Highlights

The highlights of the Boycott Chinese apps are given in the following table:

Name of the Application Remove China app
Available on Playstore
Purpose To automatically remove all the Chinese app present in the smartphone
Launched by One-Touch App labs
Main Agenda Protest against China for Covid-19
Playstore rating 3.3
Device available Android and IOS

How To Download Remove China App APK

If you wish to download the Remove China App on your smartphone, then just follow the steps given below:

  • Visit Play-store on your android or apple store on your IOS phone
  • Search it on the search bar
  • Click on install
  • Post this, install this app on your phone and wait
  • Once the app is ready, open it and register
  • Click on scan china apps
  • Select all the apps you see on the phone and hit the Bin button
  • All the Chinese app will be uninstalled automatically.

Features of the Boycott Chinese app

There are a lot of features of this Boycott Chinese app which has made it user friendly, we will now assess all the features in detail:

  • The app is made by some Indian developers as a mark of protest against China.
  • The Boycott Chinese app is available on the play store that makes it authentic.
  • It has a very small size of 3.5 MB, so no extra space on the smartphone.
  • Post its release, it has gained immense popularity and gained a rating of 4.4 stars.
  • Till now, over 5 million users have it in their phones which makes it desirable.
  • It is easy to operate and now you don’t have to search the apps separately.
  • The Chinese app will be removed in just one click which is commendable.

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