Pravasi Majdoor Registration Form 2020 – घर वापसी आने का फार्म, Train Details


The Bihar government has announced Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar for the laborers trapped in other states. Due to COVID-19, the laborers have lost their jobs and now wish to return back. Many state governments have started the process of evacuating their students, laborers. The Bihar government has also joined that list and will soon start the process. The Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar will help the government in bringing back those people.

There are many laborers of Bihar who are stranded in different parts of the country. These laborers are now out of job and also do not have enough money for survival. There are many migrants who have left for Bihar by walking to reach their villages as soon as possible. The migrants were waiting for a relief scheme from the Bihar government for a long time. After the announcement of the Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar by the government, the migrants are happy and satisfied.

Pravasi Majdoor Registration Form
Pravasi Majdoor Registration Form

According to a report, more than 28 lakh Bihari migrants are stranded in different states of the country. These migrants have moved to big cities for employment and jobs. The Bihar government has proposed to launch special trains and buses for all of these people. This is a special initiative by the Bihar government for all its migrants.

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Pravasi Majdoor Registration Form Bihar

COVID -19 is affecting every person in the country, whether rich or poor everybody is afraid of it. But, the worst sufferer by this disease is the labor class. The labor class who have relocated to other cities for various job prospects now demand to return. These laborers demand that they don’t have enough money to feed their families. Every state is thinking about its labor class, and the latest one to join this is BIHAR.

CM Nitish Kumar has announced a relief scheme, Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar for all the migrants. In this scheme, the migrants have to fill the registration form and the government will arrange for their travel. The travel can be by trains or buses whichever is possible. The Bihar government will pay the ticket price on behalf of the laborers. The trains that will carry the migrants from one state to another are named Shramik Special trains.

Bihar Migrant Workers Registration Form – बिहार घर वापसी होने का फार्म ऑनलाइन

Bihar Special Corona Train

So, it is good news for all the workers since the government of Bihar has officially announced a special train. The CM has announced this special train for the migrants of Bihar who wish to return to the state. This train is named as Shramik Sahayata train under the Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar.

There was desperation amongst the workers and students to return back to their villages. This step by the government is commendable. Another benefit of this train is that the railway will not charge a single penny from the workers. The fare for all the laborers will be paid by the state governments. The fare is also decided by the railways that will help them. The railway will charge Rs 30 for the sleeper class while Rs 20 for a superfast train.

Bihar Pravasi Majdoor Panjikaran for Punjab

There are around 1.52 lakh Bihari migrants who are stranded in Punjab. Punjab is already in the Red Zone and now the laborers are willing to return to the state. The migrants should go to the official website, for migrants and fill the registration form. The form also asks the migrants, if they want to travel via own or through trains.

The Punjab government is also very keen to help these laborers in returning back to the state. The Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar by the Bihar government will help all these workers in getting back via trains. The Punjab government has also released a special number for attending the queries of the people.

Bihar Shramik Train Booking Link

Below is the list of Bihar Corona Special Train bookings Links.

State Name Bihar Shramik Train Registration
Rajhastan – राजस्थान Click Here
Punjab – पंजाब Click Here
Karnataka – कर्नाटक Click Here
Gujarat – गुजरात Click Here
Maharashtra – महाराष्ट्र Click Here
Madhya Pradesh Click Here
Tamil Nadu – तमिलनाडु Click Here

Labour Registration for Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is also one of the states which are worst hit due to COVID-19. The estimated number of Bihari migrants stranded there is equal to 1.88 lakh. The state has also appointed a special nodal officer for the queries of the COVID-19. The Uttar Pradesh government has also started the evacuation process of its migrants from different parts of the country.

Also, it has brought back many of its students who were trapped in Kota. This was a very noble step by the UP government for its students and laborers. The Pravasi Majdoor Registration form also aims the same motive. The respective authorities have also released helpline number for the migrants of Bihar.

Shramik Train Registration for Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India is the second state after Maharashtra which is facing the wrath of COVID-19. The state government is trying all possible ways to help its workers class. They are also providing them with free food, medical facilities, etc. The estimated number of Bihari migrants stranded in Delhi is highest at 4.76 lakhs. The Delhi government is ready to help the migrants for the departure. The special shramik train will carry all of the migrants, to the state they wish to move. The government has released the address of the website for online registration. Apart from this, a special number of the Nodal officer for COVID-19 is released which is 9599823200.

Bihar Corona Train form for Karnataka

Karnataka government has created its separate portal for two different types of laborers. There is a separate link for the people who wish to return to Karnataka from another state. While a second portal is for the people who wish to leave to other stats from Karnataka. The portal also asks for the opting of the vehicle used for transfer. People can choose government trains or private vehicles.

After the announcement of the Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, the Bihar scheme by Bihar government. There was a sense of satisfaction amongst the migrants who want to move back. The number of labourers stranded in Karnataka is 1 lakh.

Bihar Nodal officer Number

Below is the list of the nodal officer number that will help the Bihar citizen to come back.

Bihar State Wise Nodal Officer Name Nodal Officer Name Contact Number
Delhi / Himachal Pradesh Palak Saini (IAS) 9599823200
Shailender Kumar (IAS) 9717691086
  Jammu Kashmir / Ladakh Shailender Kumar 9717691086
Punjab Dhillo (IPS)  9473191753
Haryana Divesh Sheara (IPS) 8544404189
Rajasthan  Prem Singh Meena (IPS) 9473191456
Gujrat Bikatinke (IPS) 9810922727

Corona Train form for Haryana

When it comes to the welfare of the labor class, the Haryana government has taken some. There are around 2.97 Bihari workers who want to return to the state from Haryana. The Pravasi Majdoor Registration form, Bihar will help them in returning back to the state. Earlier the government of Bihar has announced a help amount for these laborers. There were many workers who have opted for that scheme. Likewise, those laborers were waiting for a special initiative by the government in bringing them back. The only thing they have to do is to register themselves under the website. The government after going through all the information assign them the ticket, journey date, and time.

How to register for Bihar Pravasi Panjikaran Form

The Bihar Pravasi Panjikaran Form is only for the labor class. Only those Bihar Migrant workers who wish to return back to their village are eligible for the registration. Follow the given steps to register for the scheme:

  • Click on the state website link mention in the above mention table, where you are currently residing.
  • The applicants must enter the block name.
  • After all of this, choose your age, gender, panchayat, ward.
  • Enter your Adhaar number, Voter id card number.
  • After rechecking all the details submit it in the application.

Documents required for Pravasi Majdoor Registration form

The circular says that people of all the daily wage labor who are suffering in the lockdown period will be transferred back. The citizens will be provided with the train number, train ticket, timing, etc. The documents needed for furnishing the benefits of the app are as follows:

  • Address proof of the Applicant.
  • Adhaar card.
  • Photo of the applicant.
  • Address of Family residing in Bihar.
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