Praavasi Majdor Migrants Labor, Students, Tourists Can Go Home During Lockdown


The Government of has given some important instruction to Home Ministry that the Migrant laborers, students, pilgrims or tourists people that are stuck in every part of the country who don’t have symptoms of coronavirus can return to their home states now, the Centre has said, issuing a group of guidelines nearly five weeks after the announcement of the countrywide lockdown that left thousands stranded and has to face very hard situation any many of the people walked back home by walking thousands of Kilometres.

The worst affected people during the Coved-19 lockdown is for the Bihar Pravasi Majdoor and Jharkhand because of their state government have not started any help to bring back to their home.

The order comes each day after the Centre was asked to reply to issue by the Supreme Court, which was hearing a group of petitions asking that migrant laborer who doesn’t have COVID-19 be allowed to travel home.

Praavasi Majdor Students Can Go Home
Praavasi Majdor Students Can Go Home

The Centre has already allowed Uttar Pradesh to ferry back its migrants from Haryana a move that led states like Bihar and Jharkhand to question its lockdown guidelines that froze road, rail and air transportation and asked states not allow homebound migrants labourers across their borders.

6-Point Order Allowing Movement Of People

Below is the list of important points that will keep in mind for that allowing Bihar Pravasi majdoor and other migrants labours to go back home.

  1. States will have to appoint a nodal authority and develop standard protocols for receiving and sending stranded people. The authorities will have to register the stranded people within their states.
  2. The people who want to return home will be screened and those found asymptomatic will be allowed to proceed.
  3. States will have to consult each other and agree on sending or receiving the stranded people.
  4. The states and union territories on the transit route will allow the buses to pass.
  5. On arriving at their destination, the people will be assessed by the local health authorities and kept in-home quarantine, unless the assessment recommends institutional quarantine. They will be kept under watch with periodic health check-ups. For this, the use of the Aarogya Setu app will be encouraged.

Bihar Pravasi Majdoor Can Go Home

On the 29th of April, Bihar Government has released a press release online in it is clearly written that they going to bring back daily major, students, and tourists stuck in Covid-19 lockdown in different parts of the country. The Bihar government start the arrangements to safely bring back the people. Below is the official notification that goes through it.


Source:  NDTV India

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