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Patta and Chitta are the legal documents issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu. In the year 2015, Tamil Nadu Govt merged the Patta and Chitta into a single document, and all the required information is now available on the Patta. Those who are looking for the Patta Chitta should read this article as it covers all the important details such as the meaning of Patta Chitta, how to apply, how to verify, documents required, etc.

What is Patta: Patta is a legal document issued by Govt of Tamil Nadu. It acts as a revenue record of the specific piece of land. It is also known as “Records of Right (ROR).” Patta includes the following information:

  • Name of the Owner
  • The number of Patta.
  • Survey number and subdivision.
  • Name of the respective district, taluk, and village.
  • Dimensions or area of the land.
  • Tax details.
  • Whether the land is a Wetland or Dryland.

What is Chitta: Chitta is a legal revenue document issued by the concerned Village Administration Officer (VAO). It provides information about an immovable property. It contains important details like size, ownership, area, and etc. The division of Chitta into the following categories:

  • Wetland (Nanjai): It refers to specific land or water bodies like canals, river, ponds, and etc
  • Dryland (Punjai): It refers to the land that has few water bodies.


Patta Chitta Online Application Process

You need to follow the below steps to apply in the portal:

  • Visit the official website of Revenue Services developed by the Govt of Tamil Nadu.
  • Now find the link of “View Patta & FMB/Citta/ TSLR Extract” on the homepage & click on it.
  • A new page will open, now you have to select district & area type (Urban/Rural) & click on submit.
  • Now you have to enter details like district, taluk, town, ward, block, survey number, sub-division number, enter the authentication value, and click on submit.
  • If all the details are accurate, then the Town Survey Land Register will issue a certificate online with a specific property or land information. It will include information such as type of land, survey number, type of construction, locality, municipal door number, etc.

Transfer of Patta Chitta

The procedure to transfer is the same as the registration process for a Patta land. The method of transfer of Patta Chitta involves the following steps:

  • You need to submit an application form for the transfer of Patta to the concerned Tehsildar office.
  • You need to submit the required documents along with the application form.
  • On the successful submission, there will be an examination on the specified property & documents, and then the application will be either accepted or rejected.

Important Documents required

Here is the list of documents that you have to submit along with the application form for the transfer of Patta :

  • Copy of Sale Deed along with the original document.
  • Proof of Possession of the paid tax receipt, property, water, electricity bill, and etc.
  • An affidavit

How to check the status of Patta Chitta

You need to follow the below steps to check the status:

  1. Visit the official website mentioned above
  2. Find the link “Know your Application Status” and click on it.
  3. Now enter your Application Id & enter Captcha Values and click on “Get status.”
  4. Now you will be able to view the status of your application.

Verification of Patta Certificate

You need to follow the below steps to verify your certificate:

  • Visit the official website mentioned above
  • Now select “Verify Patta” on the homepage of the website
  • Then enter the “Reference Number” and click on submit.

Patta Chitta Certificate Fee

You can need to make an online payment of Rs 100 to obtain the Patta Chitta certificate.

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