How To Make IGNOU Assignment Step by Step For All Subjects?


Indira Gandhi National Open University is India’s leading universities that offer vivid courses to its students. Each year a lot of students approach the university for different vocational and non-vocational courses. The university offers a strict curriculum to its students that contains Theory, practical and IGNOU Assignment.

In this article, I have discussed step by step process of preparing a good quality IGNOU Assignment.

How to make ignou assigment

IGNOU Assignment

IGNOU Assignment form an important component of the whole curriculum of IGNOU courses. Hence, it becomes important for a student to prepare a well written and organized IGNOU Assignment. There are a lot of factors that a student has to work on to make his IGNOU Assignment presentable in front of the teachers. The project fetches a good number of marks to the student which adds up and to his total marks in the exam.

The university allows 30 % marks to the project out of the total marks that are allotted to a particular subject. It is very important that the students complete and submits the assignments on time. Hence, students have to pay attention to collecting crucial information. Also in writing important points and work on proper formatting of the subject.

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IGNOU Front Page

The front page is the most important part of a project. The front page is capable to reflect what is written inside the project. A front-page must be prepared well and must contain all the important information related to the student and the work he has done in the IGNOU Assignment.

There are some rules and content that has to be present on the front page to make it look more appealing in front of the teacher which is as follows:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s roll number
  • Enrolment number
  • Address and mobile number
  • Course code
  • Course title
  • Full name of the subject
  • Session of the course
  • Centre name
  • Signature
  • Date

How to prepare the IGNOU Assignment

The students have to prepare the IGNOU Assignment step by step to avoid any kind of mistake that might arise. The candidates have to make the front page of the IGNOU Assignment according to the guidelines to avoid any mistakes further. The students must follow these simple steps to prepare the project correctly:

  1. The students must always use foolscap size paper or the commonly available A4 size paper to prepare the project.
  2. The assignment must be prepared on ruled papers rather than white papers to create the assignment. Ruled papers also help in maintaining decent handwriting by the students.
  3. The candidates must always use a Blue or black pen to write the project as it is recommended by a lot of IGNOU officials.
  4. It is very important that the students do no use red or colorful pens as the project is a formal thing and this kind of irregularity can lead to deduction of marks.
  5. It is very important that the students use good handwriting while preparing the project as good handwriting can fetch them good marks.
  6. The students are barred from printing the project, it is very important that the project is hand-written.
  7. After finishing one question and its answer the student must leave at least a few lines. This helps the evaluator/ checker to write their idea regarding the overall answer.
  8. The students should always prepare different assignments for different subjects. It helps in proper evaluation and there is less chaos while correction.
  9. The students cannot copy the answer from any other candidate’s file as this is misconduct in the eyes of the management. The officials can give zero to students or fail in the project. If they find out that the students have copied the content from some other source.
  10. The assignment must be plagiarism free. If the authority finds out the candidate’s project to be the same then the center will reject the project straight away.
  11. The students have to put the question number instead of writing the entire question for the ease of correction by the evaluator. This also helps in saving the time of the student. Hence, it is advisable to use question number instead if copying the whole question.
  12. After completing the IGNOU Assignment, the students should arrange all of the content in a cardboard file to make it look better.
  13. Once all of this is over the candidates can submit the project to the regional center of IGNOU to the assignment head for further evaluation.

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