How to find the motivation to learn a language on your own


Language is a medium through which we connect with other humans, which makes it inherently a social activity. Yet there are several people who want to learn how to do this in complete solitude. Understandable, but difficult. Building motivation to master a language is a herculean task which is why so many of us find it easier to quit midway than to persist with it. But there must be some tips and tricks lying around the corner to help us cross the river, ain’t it? Let’s explore.

  1. Cultivate responsibility

Taking responsibility is outright painful. Nobody wants to take it for themselves. At the same time we are good at reminding others about their responsibility. And this is where lies the trick. You have to become your own parent. How, you ask. Set a dedicated time and follow through. Try recalling how your mother nagged you to do the homework before you went out to play- well that’s how you have to be for yourself. Put your schedule up on a calendar and follow it to the t.

  1. Cut perfection out from your learning diet

Although it’s almost a cliche example by now but toddlers don’t exactly catwalk out of their bed every morning. They wobble, they fall and then one fine day to the mighty delight of their parents and amid a frenzy of rolling cameras, they balance and they walk. Perfection is not what they aim at. They aim at being functional and that’s what you should do too. Whether you learn German from a book or Learn Haitian Creole on aim at being functional and keep making little improvements day by day. Excellence will follow.

  1. Feedback is vital

Your language learning journey might be solitary or independent but do not commit the mistake of not taking feedback. Constructive feedback is vital to your motivation just as a reverse sensor is important to a new driver. It will warn you when you are about to hit an unassuming pillar in the back. Feedback could be gained by taking online tests or using various language learning applications. You could look at various free resources or enrol with a paid one to help you nail the initial bumps in your language learning journey. You could Learn Creole Online with Creole Tutors or learn spanish at Memrise which not only tweak their course according to the progress you have made but also provide immediate feedback.

  1. Keep your learning goals on a tight leash

The thing is it always feels wonderful to take on a new goal and go all out. You make your vision grand and your to do list grander. However, all of us have been there and seen what it actually leads to. Therefore do yourself a favour and start by setting goals that you could accomplish with not much thought. While all of us think that motivation comes before performing action, it is the other way around. Little action and its fulfillment will provide you with the motivation of going on.

Also it pays to know your ‘why’. Why do you want to learn a language? There was a kid in Cambodia who sold souvenirs to tourists and learnt 12 languages. He was later discovered on the internet and won a scholarship to study in China. When asked why he learnt so many languages, he simply answered, ‘to make more sales’. This act of learning languages made his entire family escape extreme poverty not to mention he became a poster child of hard work. Therefore always answer your ‘why’ before starting a lesson so that you derive instant motivation to go on. Language learning is not easy and you deserve a massive pat on the back.


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