Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020 – ગુજરાત નિ: શુલ્ક રેશન યોજના Step By Step Process Full Detail


Gujarat government has published to start Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020. Which is to tackle Coronavirus (COVID 19). In this scheme, the state govt. will provide food items like wheat, rice, pulses, sugar. which is absolutely free of cost. This scheme will ensure that no poor people in the state remain hungry during the 21 days Lockdown period. Around 60 lakh APL ration cardholder families (3.25 crore people) to benefit from this scheme.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) is a pandemic which is very scary if it takes the form of community transmission. Starting from Wuhan in China, this disease is a major outbreak in Italy, Spain and 180+ countries worldwide. To prevent its outbreak in India and particularly in Gujarat, the state govt. has started Free Ration Scheme 2020-21.


This scheme will benefit all poor people along with daily wage workers by ensuring proper food supply in lockdown time.

Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020-21

Gujarat govt. on 8 April 2020 declare this scheme. Which is to provide free ration to around 60 lakh above poverty line (APL) families.  which are not covered in the National Food Security Act (NFSA). This decision was decided in the cabinet meeting under the supervision of CM Vijay Rupani. Each APL-1 cardholder family will get the following things free of cost.:-

    1. 10 kg of wheat
    2. 3 kg of rice
    3. 1 kg pulses
    4. 1 kg of sugar

The state govt. has also provided free ration to around 65 lakh families. This is holding either priority ration cards or Antyodaya ration cards. The distribution of essential food items. Which is under Gujarat Free Ration Scheme 2020-21. This is will be done through fair price shops. This scheme will ensure that poor who depends on daily wages. This is for livelihood and is not affected by 21 day nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. If any citizen does have a ration card they can apply through ration card online apply link.

Need for Free Ration Scheme for APL-1 Families

This scheme will assure that buyers will not have to line up in front of ration shops. This will be to buy monthly ration. People will not have to buy food items for the month of April. With the entire country under lockdown, Gujarat govt. has taken this important decision for poor people. There are several APL-1 ration cardholder families. who needed free ration but were not given as their name was not included in NFSA beneficiaries list. Citizen can check their name on the official website or click here.

Around 60 lakh families or 3.25 crore individuals holding ration cards will get food items. which is under Free Ration Scheme in Gujarat. This includes 10 kg wheat and 3 kg rice per person and 1 kg of pulses, sugar and salt per family free of cost. The chief minister said his government is concerned about the state’s poor families and will continue to take decisions to ensure they do not face hurdles during the lockdown.

Methods for Free Ration Distribution in Gujarat ગુજરાત નિ: શુલ્ક રેશન યોજના

The date of distribution for free ration scheme in Gujarat would be decided later. The state govt. of Gujarat has decided to bear the entire cost of the scheme. CM urges that only those families who are in crisis and need food grains should avail govt’s scheme. Those who are well-to-do should only allow the needy to avail the scheme.

As works have been closed for 21 days, poor families earning daily livelihood face great problems. CM said that the sensitive government understands this and will take more such decisions in future so such people do not face much hurdle. CM Vijay Rupani also ask people. Which is to stay indoors for 21 days. Gujarat govt. has so far reported 241 cases of Coronavirus and 17 deaths due to COVID-19. The entire state is under lockdown.

District Supply Officer Details

In the below table you will get all the Gujrat zone wise contact numbers of the concern person.

Sr. NoDistrictContact PersonContact NumberLandline NoEmail
Gujarat Free Ration Scheme North Zone
1AravalliShri K A PATEL989819112102774 – 250214[email protected]
2BanaskanthaS J CHAVADA756702192902742 – 252309[email protected]
3GandhinagarKum. Nirupa Gadhvi756702199859182 / 59180[email protected]
4KutchDr. Reena N Chaudhari940830850802832 – 221453[email protected]
5MahesanaKum Krupali Mistary942624758302762 – 222208[email protected]
6PatanGitaben desai990977038902766 – 224660[email protected]
7SabarkanthaShri Rahulkumar Chaudhary972433090602772 – 240698[email protected]
Gujarat Free Ration Scheme Middle Zone
8AhmedabadSmt. Kajalba Tunvar9687361449079 – 27551691[email protected]
9Ahmedabad City [FC]Shri D M PARMAR9925599977079-25509248[email protected]
Ahmedabad City [Dy.FC]Shri J V DESAI9978405042079-25504524
10ANANDG D BAMANIYA756701045802692 – 263620[email protected]
11BharuchI G GAMIT75670 2167402642 – 241500[email protected]
12Chhota udaipurMiss Ankita paramar992500740502669-233015[email protected]
13DahodV A KHANT942642257502673 – 239250[email protected]
14KhedaBhargav Patel98250353490268 – 2553342[email protected]
15MahisagarB B Modhiya989812712802674 – 250722[email protected]
16NarmadaN V PATHAN820042890102640 – 224828[email protected]
17PanchmahalSmt. N B RAJPUT/992411132902672 – 242936[email protected]
18VadodaraShri S D Goklani75670222470265 – 2416190[email protected]
Gujarat Free Ration Scheme Saurashtra Zone
19AmreliDr. Mehulkumar Barasara942828008402792 – 222807[email protected]
20BhavanagarKum. Bhumika Koria75670216700278 – 2428908[email protected]
21BotadShri Miyatra972736684302849 – 271324/272325[email protected]
22Devbhoomi DwarkaShri Prashant Manguda798456679402833 – 235990[email protected]
23GirsomnathShri Shushil Parmar972436310002876 – 240002[email protected]
24JamnagarShri K J Jadeja94294946240288 – 2553897[email protected]
25JunagadhShri N D Govani98987010710285 – 2633778[email protected]
26MorbiH G PATEL971249939002822 – 242006[email protected]
27PorbandarShri Vivak Tank99090032720286 – 2220070[email protected]
28RajkotKum, Pooja Bavda75670216820281 – 2476891[email protected]
29SurendranagarShri Chetan Misan704304736002752 – 284351[email protected]
Gujarat Free Ration Scheme South Zone
30DangPRATIK PATEL971262423102631 – 220384[email protected]
31NavsariSmt. Priti S. Thakkar992407475002637 – 248155[email protected]
32SuratSmt Astha Solanki75670221490261 – 2652134[email protected]
33TapiNaitikaben patel987959833502626 – 224401[email protected]
34ValsadD I PATEL997430963302632 – 244192[email protected]


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