Geography Important Questions Paper For Exam At a Glance


Geography Important Question for Glance. Previous Year Question Papers asked in Exam at a Glance.  Remember all question answer for next exam.

Geography Important Questions Asked in Previous year Exams at a Glance

Q.1) Which river forms the Sundarvan Delta? -The Ganga and the Brahmaputra

Q.2) The largest network of railway lines of India is in which state – Uttar Pradesh

Q.3) The highest peak of the Andes mountain range (South America) – Aconcagua

The headquarter of a forest survey of India established in 1981 is situated in – Dehradun state

Meseta plateau is situated in  -Spain & Portugal

Black hill, Blue mountain and Green mountain is situated in – United States of America

The “Cape of good hope” of Africa is founded by – Bartholomyu Diaz

The largest peninsula of the world is- Arab (Area= 32,50,000 km2)

The height of the highest peak of India K2 (Godwin Austin)- 8611 meter

Chenab river originate from – Near Baralachla pass

The largest amount of coal found in India is in -Gondawana region

Hirakund Project is located on which river-  Mahanadi (Orissa)


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