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Today’s world demands that everything around us to be stylish and glamorous and if you have a good eye for the same then do not wait to try your luck in Fashion & Interior Designing as a profession. Initially, fashion was to create different social groups as per their economic status but as time passed it became much more than just status. It became more about representing different cultures, confidence, and self-sufficient.

Can anybody aspire to be a Fashion designer?

Yes, why not. If you can create magic with the use of different types of Fabrics, Colors, Patterns, Trends, Accessories, and with latest designs you can be a successful fashion designer. However, you do not need any specific formal education to become a fashion designer, but to grow more in your area of expertise and to evolve with constant changing trends & to call yourself a professional fashion designer you will require a degree/diploma from a renowned institute.

fashion course

Can anybody aspire to be an Interior designer?

Anybody can become an Interior decorator, if you can make simple indoor space eye-pleasing with the right choices of colors, lights, decorative things then think about learning it in detail and start creating beautiful homes. To call yourself an Interior designer you need to have relevant degree/diploma from a renowned institute.
By taking a decision to pursue relevant qualification and mastering the art you already know, you will be taking a big step towards a happy and successful life.

Where to find Fashion & Interior Designing in Navi Mumbai?

Well, it seems your search is over as you can learn Fashion & Interior Designing at Technical Institute of Interior & Fashion Studies (TiiFS) in Navi Mumbai.
You can master the basics of fashion & interior designing which are drawing, designing, learning the latest trends, and many more. Fashion & Interior designing is a very good career choice considering the variety of booming job options available in the market as per your creative skills.
As you can see there is immense social and cultural influence on the latest trends and hence it is important that you get the updated knowledge through professionals at TIIFS in Navi Mumbai.
TIIFS aims to nurture your technical skills with the help of industry experts, friendly environment and the best possible ambiance so that your creative minds stay active throughout. There are a variety of courses available in Fashion & Interior Designing at TiiFS.
Post completion of the fashion designing course, one can have various career opportunities such as

  • Fashion stylist
  • Costume designer
  • Entrepreneurs with own designer labels and boutiques
  • Embroidery Designers
  • Export Merchandisers, etc.

Post completion of Interior designing course, one can have various career opportunities such as

  • Interior Stylist
  • Residential Designer
  • Commercial Designer
  • Furniture Designer, etc.

Here is a quick glance at fashion designing courses in Navi Mumbai available at TIIFS:

course package

Here is a quick glance at Interior designing courses in Navi Mumbai available at TIIFS:

course details

Click on the link to know more about courses: https://www.tiifs.in/interior-designing/

Apart from freshers who else can think about these courses.

  • Anybody looking for change in career
  • Anyone with minimum academic background but working in same industry
  • Any Creative and Artistic minds
  • Those who are looking for crash courses

Why TiiFS?

The best part about all the courses is that they are fully supported by latest computers and technologies along with the experienced faculty in the industry so that there is no stopping to your creativity.
Nowadays, Internet is playing a pivotal role in the fashion & Interior industry catering to mass and constant changing trends in fashion and Interior designing. Engaging in a formal education in the relevant industry, it will give you the power to be different and to innovate and develop new ideas and test with the use of latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing.

Along with the knowledge and hands on experience in fashion and Interior designing our in-house faculties ensure that you understand and deliver the clients expectations.
As per constant changing customer trends and market race, once needs to be competent with the basics of fashion and Interior designing, hence go ahead and select any of the above courses and get ready for the future with TIFFS.

To Conclude…

.Currently, our country is spreading the norm of skill development in India. So, we must create, encourage, and mold new talents in the best possible way so that they can shine entering in real-world and create many more job opportunities for coming generations.
TiiFS is pioneer in fashion and Interior designing in Navi Mumbai which is recognized by the government. So, go ahead and enroll yourself in any desired course and call on given contact number.

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