E-Gram Swaraj App Downalod – Check E-Gram Swaraj Portal @egramswaraj.panchayat.gov.in


Gram Swaraj App is launched by PM Narendra Modi for all the people of rural India to keep an eye on the day to day activities of the Panchayats. The PM announced the Gram Swaraj App and E-Gram Swaraj Portal on 24 April 2020 for the proper functioning of the Panchayats across India .

The people of rural and village areas

E-Gram Swaraj App download
E-Gram Swaraj App download

were waiting for a necessary step from the government for a long time. Gram Swaraj App will help all the panchayats of states to function smoothly. It will also helpful in getting all the details of a particular panchayat in a single place.


Highlights of E-Gram Swaraj App

The highlights of Gram Swaraj App launched by our PM are listed below:

Name of the scheme E-Gram Swaraj App
Application Method Online
Benefit of app Information related to all panchayats
Beneficiary People of Rural India
Launched by PM Narendra Modi
Main Purpose Connect all gram panchayats of India.
E-Gram Swaraj Portal

How to download the E-Gram Swaraj app

This app is available on the play store, the person who wants to download the app should have an android app. Follow the given steps to easily and swiftly download the app:

  • Go to the official Play-store app pf your phone.
  • Type E-gram swaraj app in the search bar.
  • Post this the app name appears, click on it and download it into your phone
  • Once the app is download, follow the instructions for login.
  • The person must fill his name correctly on the app.
  • The applicants must enter the date of birth.
  • Post this choose the state you live in.
  • After all of this, choose your state and the panchayat you belong to.
  • Choose your District Panchayat, Block Panchayat, and Village Panchayat.
  • After rechecking all the details submit it in the application.
  • All the names of all the ward members will be reflecting in the app.
  • Your app is now ready to use, you can check any of the important detail.

Eligibility for the App

The eligibility of a person to avail of this Gram Swaraj App is that the person should be a resident of any panchayat of any state. Any citizen of any Panchayats of any state can simply download the app from the play store on its phone. The app is safe and easy to use by any person in India. You only have to download the app, log in with all your important details, and then use the app for any information.

Benefits of Gram Swaraj App

PM Modi released the Gram swaraj app on 24 April 2020 to ensure transparency in the work of all the panchayats. This app was released on the occasion of Panchayati Raj Diwas. This app aims at connecting the people to their respective panchayats. The app will be helpful in getting any details about the village or area a person is living.

It will be helpful in tracking any on-going scheme of work that is being in progress by the village panchayat of any state. Apart from this, it will also tell people of any economic activity that is happening in their area. The app is also loaded with the 2011 National Census for the people. It will help the people by showing them the track of any scheme planned by the Central government, reflect all the spending related to the scheme. This app will also track the day to day activities that are taken up different Panchayats.

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