What is Digitize India Platform (DIP) – Digital India Project Jobs And Registration


Digitize India Platform (DIP) is an action which was taken by the Government of India on 1st July
2015, under the Digital Programme India. Digitize India Platform gives an innovative solution by
combining machine intelligence and a cost-effective crowdsourcing model to provide an
innovative solution for all the practical problems that were faced by organisations reforming
their paperwork into digital records. It offers a chance to earn money online by doing data
entry work.
The two primary motive of the Digitize India is-
1. Paper images can be scanned and used for providing the Digitization services.
2. To offer digitization services to physical documents for any organisation.
What are the Objectives behind the digitalise India?
1. To digitise and give the value of all the existing content in different formats including media,
and languages.
2. To generate the data extracts and then study them for document management.
3. To manage IT applications and records.
Digitize India Platform workflow –
Digital India Platform helps to digitise the documents. Some of the following steps of this
process are as follows:-
1. Government organisations share the scanned models on the Digital India Platform that
shreds these images into parts with meaning full data.
2. Snippets are served to the grantors.
3. A match engine checks if contributor typed the right word.
4. Depending on the correct entries get reward points for each digitalised exact words.
5. DIP merges the digitised contents of the snippet texts retrieved from the contributors.
6. The document is re-assembled and sent back to the organisation.
Eligibility to become a Digital Contributor –
Any Indian Citizen can apply with the following prerequisites-
1. Basic computer literacy
2. Aadhar number
3. linking your bank account with your aadhar.
4. Internet Connection.
5. To download the app, access to any smartphone.
Gain monetary benefits from Digitize India Platform?
Step 1. Go to the link https://digitizeindia.gov.in/
Step 2. Click on Register.
Step 3. Complete the registration details.
Step 4. Login with the created USERNAME & PASSWORD.
Step 5. Goto Workspace.
Step 6. Enter the captcha text in the box and then submit the form.

Step 7. Now you are a step closer to earn money from the DIP.
Digitize India Platform Review –
Problems faced by the Indians-
1. Incorrect Login in the website- I used the site and tried to log in with correct credentials, but
it always shows the incorrect login.
2. Digitize India website is not opening- Many users facing the problems of not opening the
Digitize India website link.
Note – Currently, Government of India is calling applications for participation and contribution
as a Digital Contributor. Also, you can avail DIP services by getting in touch with the support
team, by giving a call at – 011- 49754924.
Digitize India is an excellent initiative by the Government to reduce the paperwork and move all
the documents in digital format. Hope you guys liked this article and if you want to contribute
to the Digitize India programme, Government of India is working on the signup page on

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