Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy – New Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy


The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy intents to boost the economy, decrease pollution, and appreciate the usage of e-vehicles. The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal publishes financial incentives for those who purchase e-vehicles for three years. The state government publishes that with the purchase of a two-wheeler, an e-rickshaw or freight vehicles. The Delhi government will give an advantage of up to Rs 30,000 and for a four-wheeler. And also a benefit of up to 1.5 lakh.

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy
Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy

Mahesh Babu, MD & CEO, Mahindra Electric, says, “We thank the Delhi government for quickly notifying robust and well-thought EV policies that will in future boost the EV sales in the capital. The EV policies intends at faster adoption of EVs both in personal and shared mobility segments. And extending the incentives to personal buyers will further help the development of the whole ecosystem. In the near future, the open-permit system for electric autos in Delhi will promote zero-emission last and the first-mile green mobility. The policies are in-line with India’s intends to reduce its oil-import bill and air-pollution.”

For those who want to get electric vehicles for commercial use in Expansion, loans will be from the Delhi government. It will be at very low-interest rates. Registration and road tax fees will waived. These incentives will be for both battery strapping and fixed charging vehicles. All this will added upon the financial incentives from the Central government’s existing electric vehicle program.

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020

“Government of Delhi has been very provident to the electric mobility adoption in the State. Delhi electric vehicle policy 2020 can be looked here. As the CMs continuous efforts to make Delhi’s air cleaner with more electric vehicles are of worth and something that all States should adopt. We appreciates the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal for his progressive leadership and congratulate the government for the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020. We welcome the move and extend our support by the growth of BluSmart services into Delhi starting with Vasant Kunj and Dwarka in the coming week,” said Anmol Jaggi, Founder, BluSmart Electric Mobility.

Arvind Kejriwal, CM Of Delhi launches Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on August 7 declares the ‘Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy’ under which the state government will waive road tax and registration fee and give up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for new cars in the capital.

While declaring an online media briefing, he says that the policy aims to boost the economy, reduce pollution levels, and create jobs. He adds that he wishes that after five years, Delhi’s name will taken when there will be a discussion on electric vehicles in the world.

Delhi CM named it a ‘progressive policy’ and informs that it also aims to constitute 25 percent electric vehicles by 2024, which is currently just 0.29 percent in the city.

Delhi Government Electric Vehicle Policy

• Under the new policy, the state government will provide incentives of up to Rs. 30,000 for autos, two-wheelers, freight vehicles, and e-rickshaws, and while for cars, it will give an incentive of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh.

• The Delhi state government will also provide a low-interest loan on commercial electric vehicles and expects five lakh new electric vehicles in the next five years.

The government is also planning to set up ‘State Electric Vehicle Board’ and 200 charging stations in one year to ensure a charging station within a radius of 3 kilometers.

• For those planning to exchange their petrol or diesel-run vehicles, the state government will give a ‘scrapping incentive’ that will first be the first of its kind in India.

• Initially, the new policy will be for three years, and later, the government will review it. If needed, the amendments will also be made in these three years.

• Government’s policy will be an addition to the center’s scheme on electric vehicles known as ‘Fame India Phase-2’, and people can benefit under both the schemes.

• Youth will get an opportunity and well trained so that they are employed as the electric vehicle sector will need them at a large scale after implementing the policy.

• The new policy by the government will also intend at reducing air pollution in the National Capital. As per CM Arvind Kejriwal, there has been a 25% decrease in Delhi’s pollution level in the last five years.

Development of Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy:

While explaining the purpose and advantages of the new policy. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal informs that the ‘Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy’ has been prepared after a detailed discussion in the two five and a half years.

He further states confidence that after 5 years, the Delhi Electric Vehicle Model will discussed in the whole country.

The CM also highlights the success of the ‘Delhi Development Model’ under which schools and hospitals were built and free water and electricity were also provided. 

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