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Q 1. Who won the number one spot in ICC Test Rankings?

Ans: Virat Kohli.

Q 2. PayPal opens new centre in to have around 100 techies.

Ans: Hyderabad.

Q 3.  Plastic-like Jute  material  developed  in

Ans: Bangladesh

Q 4.  Who is the Minister of Women and Child Development?

Ans:  Smriti Irani

Q 5. Rajya Sabha passed the                                                      __________ provides the death penalty to the culprits for sexual assault on children

Ans:  Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Q 6. Who ties up with JCB for global RuPay card?


Q 7.  Who is the governor of Karnataka ____ _.

Ans:  Vajubhai Vala

Q 8.  Name the Karnataka CM who resigned after cong JD’s govt falls?

Ans:  HD Kumaraswamy

Q 9. When did the Government constitute an InterMinisterial Committee (IMC)__________________.

Ans:  Nov 2 2017

Q 10. Which committee on Virtual Currencies headed by finance secretary Subhash Chandra
Garg submitted its report to the government.

Ans:  Inter-Ministerial Committee

Q 11.  Who assigned as Deputy Governor of RBI to run the monetary policy portfolio after the resignation of Deputy Governor Viral Acharya

Ans: BP Kanungo

Q 12. Who appoints BP Kanungo to run monetary policy after Viral Acharya resigns?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India

Q 13.  Who delivers Chetak helicopter to Indian Navy ahead of schedule?

Ans:  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

Q  14.  Which country ranked 52nd in Global Innovation Index 2019?

Ans:  India

Q 15. Which Indian Naval Ship is participating in the Russian Navy Day Parade?

Ans:  INS Tarkash

Q 16. Which Union Minister will head the panel to examine and suggest ways to prevent workplace sexual harassment?

Ans:  Amit Shah

Q 17. Who has been announced as the official sponsor of Team India Cricket?

Ans:  Byju’s

Q18. When was the 20th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas observed?

Ans: 26th July

Q19. Who has been appointed as UK’s first Indian-origin Home Secretary?

Ans: Priti Patel

Q 20. MS Dhoni will be deployed with the Territorial Army Battalion in which state?

Ans: Jammu and Kashmir

Q 21. Who was elected as Deputy Speaker of Goa Assembly?

Ans:  Isidore Fernandes

Q 22. Boeing is an/a _________ aerospace company.

Ans: US-based

Q 23. India’s fastest train, Vande Bharat Express recently completed a trial run from New Delhi to Katra. What is another name of the Vande Bharat Express?

Ans:  Train 18

Q 24. Which country has developed a method to convert Jute fiber into a Bio-Degradable plastic
alternative called ‘Sonali’?

Ans:  Bangladesh

Q 25. In which state the Union Environment Ministry has recently declared monkeys a Vermin for a year?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

Q 26. Who was the first finance secretary of India?

Ans: R. K. Shanmukham Chetty

Q 27. India readies plan for _____ Tesla-scale battery storage plants .

Ans:  $ 4 billion

Q 28. Which state has received a GI tag for its rasagola?

Ans: Odisha

Q 29. Former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy passed away on 28th July. How many times he was elected to the Lok Sabha?

Ans: Five

Q 30. India has signed an agreement with whom to enable visa-free travel?

Ans:  Benin

Q 31. When is the International Tiger Day observed globally?

Ans: 29th July

Q 32. K R Ramesh Kumar resigned as Speaker of which State Assembly?

Ans: Karnataka

Q 33.  Who won the Gold Medal in 51 kg category of 23rd President’s Cup Boxing Tournament?

Ans: Mary Kom

Q 34. Which city will host the 2020 Khelo India Youth Games?

Ans: Guwahati

Q 35. Who was the first woman Judge of SCI?

Ans: Fatima Beevi

Q 36. Who is the newly appointed chairperson of the National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA)?

Ans: Badri Narain Sharma.

Q 37. Who is the author of the book “Chandra Shekhar – The Last Icon of Ideological Politics”

Ans. Harivansh.

Q 38. What is the capital of Gambia?

Ans: Banjul.

Q 39. Securitypedia has been launched by which Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) of India?

Ans: CISF.

Q 40. Attoor Ravi Varma, who passed away recently, was the renowned poet and translator of which language?

Ans:  Malayalam.

Q 41.  Which country has built first of its kind Underwater Military Museum?

Ans:  Jordan.

Q 42. What is the cost estimated for the Deep Ocean Mission (DOM)?

Ans:  Rs.8,000 crore.

Q 43. Which project aims to explore the deepest recesses of the ocean?

Ans: Deep Ocean Mission (DOM)

Q 44. Who is the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports?

Ans: Kiren Rijiju

Q 45.  Where will the third edition of the Khelo India Youth Games be held in 2020?

Ans:  Assam

Q 46. Nagaland’s __________ aims to prevent issuance of indigenous inhabitant certificates to ineligible persons.

Ans: Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN)

Q 47.  What type of helicopters were handed over to the IAF by Boeing as per the deal in 2015?

Ans: AH-64E Apache

Q 48.  Who is the current Director-General of  Military Operations (DGMO) of the Indian Army?

Ans: Lt Gen Anil Chauhan

Q 49. Who is appointed as the next Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO) of the Indian Army

Ans:  Lt Gen Paramjit Singh

Q 50.  _____________ keeps Fair and Remunerative Price of sugarcane at Rs275/quintal

Ans:  CCEA

Q 51. Jagdeep Dhankar was sworn in as the Governor of which state?

Ans: West Bengal

Q 52. Who has been named as the interim board chairman of Coffee Day Enterprises?

Ans:  Ranganath

Q 53. Who was appointed as the COO of Coffee Day Enterprises?

Ans: Nitin Bagmane

Q 54.  According to the Tiger Census Report 2018, which the state of India has the highest tiger presence?

Ans:  Madhya Pradesh

Q 55.  As per a recent UN report, how many children have been killed and injured in armed conflicts?

Ans: 12000

Q 56. What is the name of India’s first female legislator in whose honor Google has created a doodle?

Ans: Muthulakshmi Reddi

Q 57. Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the Atal Community Innovation Centre in which  city?

Ans:  New Delhi

Q 58.  What is the name of the tropical storm that grew into a hurricane in the US?

Ans:  Erika

Q 59. Who is the Indian Defence Minister to visit Mozambique and sign MoU to strengthen the defence cooperation?

Ans:  Rajnath Singh

Q 60.  How many tigers are there in India according to the All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018?

Ans: 2,967

Q 61.    PM Narendra Modi released the ____ the massive  tiger census which is conducted every four years.

Ans: All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018

Q 62.  The India-Nepal Logistics Summit discussion focused delays of cargo from ________ port to ________ .

Ans:  Kolkata, Kathmandu.

Q 63. What is the theme of the India-Nepal Logistics Summit 2019?

Ans:  Transforming Logistics Landscape.

Q 64. Which Indian cricketer was handed an eight-month banned after failing the dope test?

Ans:  Prithvi Shaw

Q 65.  Who was appointed as the new speaker of Karnataka Assembly?

Ans:  Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri

Q 67.  When is the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons observed globally?

Ans:  30th July

Q 68.  In which place Dr Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located?

Ans:  Thiruvananthapuram

Q 69.  The Shawala Teja Singh temple is now open for Hindus after 72 Years. Where is the temple located?

Ans: Pakistan

Q 70.  Which nation has offered to mediate between Bangladesh and Myanmar for early repatriation of  Rohingyas?

Ans: Japan

Q 71.  What is the name of the eminent economist and former RBI deputy, who died recently?

Ans:  Subir Gokarn.

Q 72.  Who was the first Indian to become the RBI governor?

Ans:  Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh.

Q 73.    Who is the former finance secretary?

Ans: Subhash Chandra Garg

Q 74.  Who is the current Minister of Finance?

Ans: Nirmala Sitharaman

Q 75.  Who is the final authority for legalizing a Bill in the Country (India)?

Ans: President

Q 76.  What punishment should be given to a person regarding Tripple Talaq practices?

Ans:  Imprisonment up to 3 years

Q  77.  What is the name of the Bengaluru Boy who has won the 3rd prize in the Microsoft AI for Good Idea contest 2019?

Ans: Pratik Mohapatra.

Q 78.  What is the name of the AI-powered App developed by Pratik Mohapatra which aims to match organ donors with people in need of an organ transplant in real-time?

Ans:  OrganSecure

Q 79. According to the recent amendment, what is the new number of SC judges in India (Excluding CJI)?

Ans:  33

Q 80.  According to the original constitution, what was the fixed strength of the number of Judges in SCI?

Ans:   8

Q 81.  Recently India & Myanmar sign MoU on______co-operation.

Ans: Defence

Q 82.  How much quota has been sanctioned to the residents of J&K which provides 10%reservation to the economically weaker sections (EWS) of the state in educational institutes and government jobs?

Ans:  10%

Q 83.  Which Article of the Indian Constitution granted the Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir the complete freedom to decide who will be the Permanent Residents of the state?

Ans: Article 35A

Q 84.  Which country extended $500,000 assistance to the Gambia for skill development, cottage industry projects recently?

Ans:  India

Q 85. Recently India extends $500,000 assistance to the Gambia for the development of

Ans:  Skill & Cottage Industry

Q 86.  Which football club has recently signed Nicolas Pepe for a club-record fee of £72 million (Rs. 605 crores)?

Ans:  Arsenal

Q 87.  Which Football player has been signed by Arsenal for a club-record fee of £72 million?

Ans:  Nicolas Pepe

Q 88.  Recently how much tariff has been announced by US on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods?

Ans:    10%

Q 89. What is the age limit above which Saudi Arabian women are allowed to obtain a passport and travel abroad without male consent?

Ans:  21 years

Q 90.  What is the name of the document via which an official statement is being publicized in Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Royal Decrees

Q 91.  When was the Ramon Magsaysay Award established?

Ans:  1957

Q 92.  Which award is referred to as the Asian version of the Nobel Prize?

Ans:  Ramon Magsaysay Award

Q 93. A recent study says that the shape of the Milky Way galaxy might be and not flat.

Ans:  Warped

Q 94.  One Nation One Ration Card scheme launched in ______ States.

Ans:  4

Q 95.    _____ irks India offers to mediate in Kashmir row.

Ans:    Donald Trump.

Q 96.  Which nation has banned face-covering cloth including burqa and niqab in schools, hospitals, and public transport?

Ans: Netherlands

Q 98.  India slipped to which position in the Global GDP ranking in 2018?

Ans:  7th place

Q 99.  Name the only Indian who has won the 2019 Ramon Magsaysay Award?

Ans:  Ravish Kumar

Q 100.  In which year The Ramon Magsaysay Award was first instituted?

Ans:  1958

Q 101.  Indian Army has launched how many e-cars in its pilot project to combat air pollution?

Ans: 10

Q 102.    Which Indian state has signed an MoU with theSurvey of India to organize mapping and land survey of 40,000 villages by drones?

Ans:  Maharashtra

Q 103. Which city is hosting the 52nd ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ meeting?

Ans: Bangkok

Q 104. Which member of the board of directors of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) was given the additional responsibility of Chairman of the   Authority?

Ans: Anuj Aggarwal

Q 105. Which three Central PSUs have agreed to set up a joint venture, KABIL to ensure a consistent supply of critical minerals to the Indian market?


Q 106. Which Country officially announced its withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty?

Ans: US

Q 107. Nick Kyrgios is related to which sport?

Ans: Tennis

Q 108. Who will be the regulatory body according to the Dam Safety Bill 2019?

Ans: National Dam Safety Authority

Q 109. What are the countries participated in the INF treaty?

Ans: C.US, Russia

Q 110. Which Bill aims to provide a uniform safety procedure for the specified 5,600 dams in the country?

Ans: Dam Safety Bill

Q 111. Mindtree appoints Cognizant’s Debashish Chatterjee as new________

Ans: CEO

Q 112. CRISIL cuts India’s GDP growth to ____ for FY20 on weak monsoon rains, muted corporate results

Ans: 6.9%

Q 113. The UAPA Bill empowers the _______ of National Investigation Agency (NIA) to grant approval of seizure when the case is investigated by the agency.

Ans: Director-General

Q 114. Which Bill will allow Centre and State to designate individuals as terrorists and seize his properties?

Ans: Unlawful Activities (Prevention)  Amendment Bill 2019

Q 115. Which Article was recently scrapped by the Parliament in context to J&K?

Ans: Article 370

Q 116. Which Articles got revoked in J&K alongside Article 370?

Ans: Article 35A

Q 117. Which region would be the new Union Territory without Legislature?

Ans: Ladakh

Q 118. Which institution or body passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2019 on 5 August 2019?

Ans: Lok Sabha

Q 119. The 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix is won by:

Ans: Lewis Hamilton

Q 120. Lewis Hamilton, who has won the 2019 edition of Hungarian Grand Prix hails from which country?

Ans: Britain

Q 121. Recently who surpassed Virat Kohli to become the second-fastest batsman to smash 25 Test hundreds?

Ans: Steve Smith

Q 122. In how many innings Steve Smith smashes 25 test hundreds?

Ans: 119 innings

Q 123. Name the only cricketer in the history, who scored 25 Test Tons in just 68 innings?

Ans: Don Bradman.

Q 124. Recently who breaks Chris Gayle’s record of most sixes in T20I cricket history?

Ans:  Rohit Sharma

Q 125.  Currently who holds the title of Maximum Scorer in T20I Cricket?

Ans: Rohit Sharma

Q 126.  According to EY how much growth rate would be required per year in order to achieve 5 Trillion Economy by FY25?

Ans:  9% GDP (for next 5 years)

Q 127.  EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world having headquartered in

Ans: London

Q 128. Which state reproaches World Bank for the state’s Capital city project?

Ans:  Andhra Pradesh

Q 129.  Who is the incumbent CM of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans:  Y.S. Jagmohan Reddy

Q 130.  Who took charge as the Secretary of the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Commerce Ministry recently?

Ans:  Guruprasad Mohapatra

Q 131.  Dale Steyn is related to which sport?

Ans:  Cricket

Q 132.  In which year, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) was renamed as the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT)?

Ans: 2019

Q 133.  Who has bagged her third consecutive gold in women’s 53kg category after winning the Poland Open wrestling tournament recently?

Ans:  Vinesh Phogat

Q 134.  Name South Africa’s fast bowler, who has recently announced his retirement from Test cricket?

Ans:  Dale Steyn

Q 135.  J. Om Prakash, who recently passed away, he was a famous?

Ans:  Filmmaker

Q 136.  Who won the 2019 Citi Open men’s singles title?

Ans: Nick Kyrgios

Q 137.    Who won the women’s singles title at Washington Open 2019?

Ans:  Jessica Pegula

Q 138.  Who has been named as Professional Cricketers Association’s (PCA) Player for the month of July 2019?

Ans:  Ravichandran Ashwin

Q 139.  Recently, Ravichandran Ashwin has been chosen as the Professional Cricketers’Association (PCA) player for the month of

Ans:  July 2019

Q 140.  The 22nd National Conference on eGovernance 2019 to be held at

Ans:  Shillong

Q 141.  The 5th National Handloom Day celebrated on:

Ans:    7 Aug

Q 142. Cabinet approves MoU between India and _onCooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes:

Ans: Tunisia

Q 143. DRDO successfully flight-tests state-of-the-art quick  Reaction Surface-to-Air Missiles against live aerial targets from:

Ans: Chandipur

Q 144.   Union HRD Minister ___ inaugurates Tech Ex:

Ans: Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank

Q  145.  Senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj passed away who had served as _ from 2014 to 2019:

Ans: External Affairs Minister

Q 146. Name the first American Female Author winner of Nobel Prize?

Ans:  Toni Morrison

Q 147. In which year Toni Morrison won the Nobel  Prize in Literature?

Ans:  1993

Q 148. Recently, Centre has proposed guidelines for e-commerce firms that include a maximum___deadline to enable a refund to the buyers.

Ans:  14-day

Q 149.  Sally Pearson, who recently announced her retirement, is related to which sport?

Ans:  Track and field

Q 150.  Athlete Sally Pearson, who has recently announced her retirement, represented which  nation?

Ans: Australia

Q 151. According to the 3rd Bi-Monthly MonetaryPolicy Review 2019-20 by RBI, What is the new Repo Rate?

Ans: 5.40%

Q 152.    What is the difference in rates(in BPS)between Policy Repo Rate & MSF?

Ans:25 Basis points

Q 153 Who has been appointed as the chief operating Officer (COO) of OYO for India and South Asia region?

Ans: Gaurav Ajmera.

Q 154. Who is the current CEO of OYO for India and the South Asia region?

Ans:  Aditya Ghosh

Q 155. Name the Parent Organisation of OYO Rooms?

Ans: Oravel Stays Private Limited.

Q 156. Recently, the RBI has decided to allow fund transfers through ____ on a 24×7 basis from December.


Q 157. What do NEFT & RTGS stand for?

Ans: National Electronic FundsTransfer (NEFT) & Real-time gross settlement (RTGS).

Q 158.  Recently, Bangladesh signed a deal with____for supply of uranium for its 2400 MW Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP).

Ans:  Russia

Q  159.  ___will replace suspended Zimbabwe in the upcoming men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier

Ans:  Nigeria

Q 160. Name the host country of ICC T20 World Cup 2020?

Ans:  Australia

Q 161.  India’s first 3-D Smart Traffic Signal ‘Intelights’ has been installed in which state?

Ans:  Punjab

Q 162.  Recently, Mohali traffic police have launched 3-D Smart Traffic Signal called?

Ans: Intelights

Q 163.  Who won the Miss World Diversity Crown 2019?

Ans:    Naaz Joshi

Q 164. Who has been named as the Chairman and Managing  Director of Power Grid Corporation of India?

Ans:  Kandikuppa Sreekant

Q   165.  Where is the headquarters of Power GridCorporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) situated?

Ans:  Gurugram

Q 166.  What is the current timing of NEFT services available for customers?

Ans:  8 am to 7 pm

Q  167.  Name the present deputy governors of RBI?

Ans:  M. K. Jain, B.P. Kanungo & N. S. Vishwanathan

Q  168.  Who is the current Prime minister of Australia?

Ans:  Scott Morrison

Q 169.  Which nation has released a new set of policies supporting transgender and gender diverse people to play cricket at the highest level?

Ans:   Australia

Q 170.  Where is the headquarter of ADB situated?

Ans:  Philippines

Q 170. Recently which International Agency approved USD 200 million loans to India for improving road infrastructure in 34 districts of Maharashtra?

Ans:  ADB

Q 171.  Who has been appointed as the CEO of OYO for South-East Asia and the Middle East?

Ans:  Mandar Vaidya

Q 172.  Where is the headquarters of OYO situated?

Ans: Gurgaon, Haryana

Q 173.  Diego Forlán, who has recently announced his retirement, is related to which sport?

Ans:  Football

Q 174. Navodayam scheme for MSME loan restructuring is an initiative of which state?

Ans:  Andhra Pradesh

Q  175.  Who is the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans:  Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

Q 176.  Who has recently launched the e-version of Rozgar Samachar?

Ans:  Shri Prakash Javadekar (Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting)

Q 177.   What is an annual subscription fee of the e-version of Rozgar Samachar?

Ans: Rs. 400

Q 178.  The World Archery suspended ___for defying its guidelines by electing two parallel bodies.

Ans:  Archery Association of India

Q 179:  Who is the current President of World Archer Federation?

Ans:  Uğur Erdener

Q 180.   Who is the current Minister of Human Resource Development?

Ans: Ramesh Pokhriyal

Q 181. National Film Award 2019 for Best Actor has been shared by Ayushmann Khurrana and ____.

Ans:    Vicky Kaushal

Q 182.  What is the capital of Australia?

Ans:  Canberra

Q 183.  In how many categories “Vikram Sarabhai Journalism Award in Space Science, Technology and Research” will be conferred?

Ans:  2 categories

Q 184.  What is the highest Cash prize associated with the Vikram Sarabhai Journalism Award in Space Science, Technology and Research?

Ans:  Rs. 5 Lakhs

Q 185. Ayushmann Khurrana starrer _____ won the 66th National film Award for Best Hindi film.

Ans:  AndhaDhun

Q 186.  Who won the 2019 National film Award for best  Supporting Actress for the Hindi film Badhai Ho?

Ans:  Surekha Sikri

Q 187.    Swanand Kirkire won the 66th National film Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film ____.

Ans:  Chumbak

Q 188.     This year which edition of National Film Awards took place?

Ans:  66th

Q 189.  Who has won the award for Best Actor (female) at National Film Awards 2019?

Ans:  Keerthy Suresh

Q 190.  After revoking of Article 370, A separation Territory will be created for Jammu & Kashmir _ legislature:

Ans:  wit

Q 191.  Who has been announced as this year’s recipient of the Charlie Chaplin Award constituted by the BAFTA’s Los Angeles branch?

Ans:  Steve Coogan

Q  192.  Which museum in Punjab has created Asia Book of Records for maximum footfall in a museum in a day?

Ans:  Virasat-e-Khalsa

Q 193. What does the FAME India scheme stand for?

Ans:  Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles in India

Q 194.  Which political personality has been recently conferred with the country’s highest civilian honor ‘Bharat Ratna’?

Ans: Nanaji Deshmukh

Q 195. Who has been appointed as the CEO of OYO for South-East Asia and the Middle East?

Ans:  Mandar Vaidya

Q 196.  Where is the headquarters of OYO situated?

Ans:  Gurgaon, Haryana

Q 197.  Diego Forlán, who has recently announced his retirement, is related to which sport?

Ans:  Football

Q 198.  Navodayam scheme for MSME loan restructuring is an initiative of which state?

Ans:  Andhra Pradesh

Q 199.  Who is the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans:  Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

Q 200.  Who has recently launched the e-version of Rozgar Samachar?

Ans:  Shri Prakash Javadekar (UnionMinister of Information & Broadcasting)

Q 201.    What is an annual subscription fee of the e-version of Rozgar Samachar?

Ans:  Rs. 400

Q 202.  The World Archery suspended ___for defying its guidelines by electing two parallel bodies.

Ans:  Archery Association of India

Q  203.  Who is the current President of the World Archery Federation?

Ans: Uğur Erdener

Q 204.  Who is the current Minister of Human Resource Development?

Ans:  Ramesh Pokhriyal

Q 205.  National Film Award 2019 for Best Actor has been shared by Ayushmann Khurrana and ____.

Ans:  Vicky Kaushal

Q 206.  Name the drive, which Union HRD minister has recently launched to create awareness about Water Conservation among school students in the country?

Ans:  Samagra Shiksha-Jal Suraksha

Q 207.  Hashim Mohammed Amla, who has recently announced his retirement, represented which national cricket team?

Ans:  South Africa

Q 208.  Hashim Mohammed Amla is related to which sport?

Ans:  Cricket

Q 209.  Who became the fifth president to receive the Bharat Ratna, the country’s highest civilian award?

Ans:    Pranab Mukherjee

Q 210.  Bhupen Hazarika, who has been recently offered with Bharat Ratna, he was related to which field?

Ans: Cinema

Q 211.  In which year, Bharat Ratna was first awarded?

Ans:  1954

Q 212.    J&K and Ladakh will officially become Union Territories from ____.

Ans:  October 31

Q 213.  Under the notification regarding revokement of article 370 in J&K, which region is also being
given the status of a Union Terrority without legislature:

Ans:  Ladakh

Q 214.  Under which scheme, the Indian government has sanctioned 5595 electric buses for intracity and intercity operations?

Ans:  FAME-II India scheme

Q 215.  Who is the present chairman of SEBI?

Ans:  Ajay Tyagi

Q 216.  Recently, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has agreed to come under the ambit of _____.

Ans:  National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA)

Q 217.  Who is the chairman of AEL?

Ans:  Gautam Adani

Q 218.  Christiano Ronaldo is related to which club?

Ans:    Juventus

Q 219.  Who is the current interim President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?

Ans:  Vinod Rai

Q 220.  Recently, NITI Aayog along with the United Nations has launched the ___edition of Women Transforming India (WTI) Awards

Ans: Fourth

Q 221.  WhatsApp has decided to provide support amounting to ____ to Women Transforming India (WTI) winners.

Ans:  $100,000

Q 222.  What is the theme of Women Transforming India (WTI) Awards 2019?

Ans:  Women and Entrepreneurship

Q 223:  Which two organizations have partnered with Niti Aayog for Women Transforming India (WTI) Awards 2019?

Ans:  WhatsApp And UN

Q 224.    What is the theme of 22nd National Conference on e-Governance?

Ans:  Digital India: Success to Excellence

Q 225.  The 22nd National Conference on eGovernance 2019 was held in:

Ans:    Shillong

Q 226.  Recently which company has committed an investment of Rs 10,000 crore for airport business by 2026?

Ans:  Adani Airports

Q 227.  By which date onwards the central government to roll out the “One Nation One Ration Card” scheme in the country?

Ans:  1st June 2020

Q 228.  Who is the Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution?

Ans:  Ram Vilas Paswan

Q 229.  What does FPI stands for?

Ans:  Foreign Portfolio Investment

Q 230.    This year who has won the UEFA’s Goal of the Season Award?

Ans:  Lionel Messi

Q 231.  In which category Bajrang Punia won the Tblisi Grand Prix for the second straight year?

Ans:  65kg category

Q 232.  Which body organized the Tblisi Grand Prix 2019?

Ans:  Georgian Wrestling Federation

Q 234.  Recently which player has been suspended by Afghanistan Cricket Board for an indefinite period over code of conduct breach?

Ans:  Mohammad Shahzad

Q 235.  Who is the present chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board?

Ans:  Farhan Yousufzai

Q 236.  How much FDI is allowed in Manufacturing Sector?

Ans:  100%

Q 237.  What is the name of the Bonds which SEBI plans to use in order to fund Smart Cities?

Ans:  Muni Bonds

Q 238.    According to the joint report by CREDAI & CBRE, What is India’s position in creating UNICORNS globally?

Ans:  4th

Q 239.  Which country is on top position in creating Unicorns as per the report published by CREDAI?

Ans:  USA

Q  240.  According to the annual reports published by various companies, who is the highest-paid Executive in the year 2018-19?

Ans:  Vivek Gambhir (Godrej)

Q 241.  Which company is on the numero Uno position in terms of sales in the year 2018-19?

Ans:  HUL

Q 242.  Who has won the 2019 Roger Cup in men’s category?

Ans:  Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Q 243.  Who has won the 2019 Roger Cup in women’s category?

Ans:  Bianca Andreescu (Canada)

Q 244.  Which WI batsman breaks Brian Lara’s record of scoring most ODI runs?

Ans:  Chris Gayle

Q   245.  By scoring how may runs WI Chris Gayle breaks Brian Lara’s record of scoring maximum ODI runs?

Ans:  10408

Q 246.  Who confers National Youth Awards to individuals for their excellent work towards society?

Ans:    Kiren Rijiju

Q 247.  What is the name of the Photo Exhibition which is being inaugurated by Kiren Rijiju during National Youth Awards?

Ans:  China through Eyes of Indian Youth – 2019

Q  248.  What is the name of the Book on Sridevi, which is launched by Penguin Random House?

Ans: Girl Woman Superstar

Q 249.  Sridevi: Girl Woman Superstar is written by whom?

Ans:  Satyarth Nayak

Q 250.  What is the name of the book which is based on M. Venkaiah Naidu’s two years as Vice  President of India?

Ans:  Listening, Learning, and Leading.

Q 251.  Name the first Indian to claim a world title in motorsports after finishing fourth in the final round of the women’s category at FIM Worl Cup in Hungary?

Ans: Aishwarya Pissay

Q   252. According to the recent WTA Ranking 2019, who is on top position?

Ans: Naomi Osaka

Q 253.  Name the first Canadian woman to win Rogers Cup in 50 years?

Ans:  Bianca Andreescu

Q 254.  Recently which communication app maker has opened its first office in India?

Ans:  Snap Inc.

Q  255.  Who is the current CEO of Snap Inc.?

Ans:  Evan Spiegel.

Q   251. Recently with whom India has signed 4 MoU’s in various fields including traditional medicine, and sports?

Ans: China

Q 252.  Who is the current Premier of China?

Ans: Li Keqiang

Q 253.  Who has launched the book “Listening, Learning and Leading” in Chennai?

Ans:  Amit Shah (Home Minister)

Q 254.  Recently who has been elected as the first woman president of INSA?

Ans:  Chandrima Shaha

Q 255.  Who was the founder of INSA?

Ans: Lewis Leigh Fermor

Q 256.  The owner of TikTok who has launched a censored search engine in China recently?

Ans:  ByteDance

Q 257.    ByteDance has been headquartered in:

Ans:  Beijing, China

Q 258.  Where did the 2019 FIM World Cup for women held?

Ans:  Hungary

Q 259.    Recently how much fund has been contributed by India towards UN Special Purpose Trust Fund?

Ans:    1 Million $

Q 260.  Special Purpose Trust Fund is related to which international agency?

Ans:  United Nations

Q 261. Recently, the famous____ given as ‘prasadam’ at the Murugan temple at Palani has been granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag

Ans: Panchamirtham

Q 262.  This year IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who shot down a Pakistani F-16 jet, will be awarded which gallantry award?

Ans: Vir Chakra

Q 263.  During Wartime, which is the highest accolade in gallantry awards?

Ans:  Param Vir Chakra.

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Q 264:  What is the name of the microblogging platform, which Verison Telecom is selling to Automattic for an undisclosed amount?

Ans: Tumblr

Q 265. Who is the CEO of Verison Communications?

Ans:  Hans Vestberg

Q 266.  According to Bloomberg, what is the name of the world’s richest family?

Ans:  The Waltons

Q 267.  Who is the present CEO of Walmart Inc.?

Ans: Doug McMillon

Q 268.  What is India’s Retail Inflation accounted during July 2019?

Ans:  3.15%

Q 269.    What is the base year selected for the CPI by Central Statistics Office (CSO)?

Ans:  2012Under

Q  270.  Whose administration J&K will host the new Union Territory’s first-ever global investors’ summit from October 12-14?

Ans: Satya Pal Malik

Q   271.    Name the winter capital of J&K?

Ans:    Jammu

Q272.    Recently which Indian singer has been banned in India by AICWA after he performed in Pakistan?

Ans:  Mika Singh

Q 273.  Recently who will pay about Rs. 7,000 crore for acquiring 49% stake in Reliance Industries’ (RIL) fuel retail business?

Ans:    BP

Q 274.  For how much amount BP has acquired 49% in the fuel retail business of RIL?

Ans:    Rs. 7000 crore

Q 275.  Which e-commerce giant is going to acquire up to 10% of Future Retail to boost its brick and-mortar footprint in India?

Ans: Amazon

Q 276.  Name the present CEO of Future Group?

Ans:  Kishore Biyani

Q 277.  Which temple’s prasadam ‘Panchamirtham’ from Tamil Nadu has been bestowed with the GI tag recently?

Ans:  Murugan temple

Q 278.  Who became the first Indian in 18 years to win a Junior World Championship title?

Ans:  Deepak Punia

Q 279.  In which category, Deepak Punia won gold at the Junior World Championships in Talinn, Estonia recently?

Ans:  86kg

Q 280.  Vidya Sinha, who recently passed away, she was famous?

Ans:  Actress

Q 281.  Which state has announced the creation of two new districts in the state?

Ans:  Tamil Nadu

Q 282. Who is the incumbent governor of Tamil Nadu?

Ans:  Banwari Lal Purohit

Q 283.    year mark the 100th anniversary of the liberation of South Korea from North Korea?

Ans:  2045

Q 284.  What is the capital of South Korea?

Ans:  Seoul

Q 285.  Which company has announced to invest ₹83,000 crore in 25 major projects to boost production?


Q286.  Who is the CEO of ONGC Ltd.?

Ans: Shashi Shankar

Q 287.   Recently which government has announced a package worth $2.4 billion for economic support in the region?

Ans: Hong Kong

Q 288.  Who is the present Chief Executive of Hong Kong? Carrie Lam Recently which former Indian Batsman has passed away?

Ans: VB Chandrasekhar

Q 289.  Name the Indian states that border with Bhutan?

Ans:  Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, and Sikkim

Q 290.  Indian PM Modi is on his visit to Bhutan. Who is his contemporary of Bhutan?

Ans:  Lotay Tshering

Q 291.  How many tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day in the country?

Ans:  20,000

Q 292.  Union Minister Prakash Javadekar launched a massive public campaign to make India free of single-use plastics in a meeting in Sao Paulo. Where is Sao Paulo

Ans:  Brazil

Q 293. Which Minister of India launched a massive public campaign to make India free of single use plastics?

Ans:  Prakash Javadekar

Q 294. Who has been named as the new chairman of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)?

Ans: Amit Agarwal

Q 295. What is the theme of the Aadi Mahotsav 2019 festival?

Ans:  A celebration of the spirit of Tribal Craft, Culture and Commerce

Q 296.  Government formed a _________ for the Aadi Mahotsav festival.

Ans: Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India

Q 297.  Where is the Aadi Mahotsav 2019 celebrated?

Ans:  Jammu & Kashmir

Q 298.  ______ awards people on various categories on the 73rd Independence Day

Ans:  Tamil Nadu

Q 299.  MoHUA to Organize ____________ National Workshop Cum Exhibition on Sustainable Sanitation

Ans:    One day

Q 300.   _________Meeting Of BRICS Minister Of Environment Held In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ans:  5th

Q 301.  When the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare founded?

Ans: 9th March 1977

Q 302.  Who is the President of Brazil?

Ans:  Jair Bolsonaro

Q 303.  Bajrang Punia to get __________

Ans: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Q 304. Sembcorp who recently invested Rs. 521 crore in India is based on which country?

Ans:  Singapore

Q 305.  This year which Indian city will host the World Youth Chess Championship 2019?

Ans:  Mumbai

Q 306. Which nation is on the top position in emitting sulfur dioxide (SO2), as per the latest data released by environmental NGO Greenpeace.

Ans:  India

Q 307. Singapore-based Sembcorp Industries has invested how much amount in its Indian arm Sembcorp Energy India in order to expand its renewable energy portfolio and for inorganic growth.?

Ans:    Rs. 521 crore

Q 308. This year who has been awarded the “Hero of Russia” award bt Russian president Vladimir Putin?

Ans:  Damir Yusupov and Georgy Murzin

Q 309.  In which year Russia’s highest medal, the “Hero of Russia” was established?

Ans:  1992

Q 310.  What is the new name of the Hazratganj  Chauraha as per the recent announcement by UP Government?

Ans: Atal Chowk

Q 311.  What is the name of the memorial which is being built in Lucknow after former PM Atal Bihar Vajpayee?

Ans:    Atal Smriti Upvan

Q 312.  Who recently won women’s singles title at Cincinnati Masters?

Ans:  Madison Keys

Q 313.  Who won men’s singles title at Cincinnati Masters 2019?

Ans:  Daniil Medvedev

Q 314. Name the Former Chelsea footballer who has announced his retirement from football at the age of 38 recently?

Ans: Ashley Cole

Q 315. Ashley Cole hails from which country?

Ans: England

Q 316. Under World Youth Chess Championship, every year how many champions were crowned?

Ans:  12

Q 317. Who has won gold at the recently concluded Athleticky Mitink Reiter event in the Czech Republic?

Ans: Hima Das and Muhammed Anas

Q 318.  In which category sprinter Hima Das has won the Gold at the Athleticky Mitink Reiter event in the Czech Republic?

Ans: 300m race

Q 319. Who was the first president of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?

Ans:  Grant Govan.

Q 320. Recently which player has been suspended from all forms of cricket for a year by Afghanistan Cricket Board?

Ans: Mohammad Shahzad.

Q 321. What is the duration of suspension that has been imposed on Mohammad Shahzad over breaching the ACB Code of Conduct?

Ans: 1 year

Q 322.  Neelam Sharma who died recently was a famous:

Ans: News Anchor

Q 323.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will receive the Order of Zayed, which is the highest civilian award of

Ans:    United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Q 324.    Who is the new President of Paytm?

Ans:  Madhur Deora

Q 325.    Who is the founder of Paytm?

Ans:    Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Q 326.    Name the former Bihar Chief Minister, who has recently passed away?

Ans:  Jagannath Mishra

Q 327.    Who has been elected as an Honorary Life Member of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), custodians of the game’s laws?

Ans: Mitchell Johnson

Q 328.    Mitchell Johnson is related to which sport?

Ans:  Cricket

Q 329. Name the former Australia vice-captain, who has been appointed as the assistant coach of Sunrisers Hyderabad?

Ans:  Brad Haddin.

Q 330.  Who is the current head coach of the Indian Premier League side Sunrisers Hyderabad?

Ans:    Trevor Bayliss

Q 331.  Who has been appointed as the CEO and MD of Vodafone Idea Limited?

Ans: Ravinder Takkar

Q 332. Who has stepped down as CEO of Vodafone Idea Limited with immediate effect?

Ans:  Balesh Sharma.

Q 333. In which year, Vodafone India merged with Idea Cellular, and was renamed as Vodafone Idea Limited?

Ans: 2018

Q 334. What is the retirement age for all Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) personnel as per new orders issued by Union Home Ministry?

Ans: 60 years

Q 335. Who is the current Director-General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)?

Ans: Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar

Q 336. Mohammed Zahur Khayyam, who recently passed away, he was famous?

Ans: Music composer

Q 337. What is the name of the satellite that detects anthropogenic sulphur dioxide (SO2) hotspots in the world?

Ans: OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument)

Q 338. Which IIT Delhi incubated startup founded by Ankita Gulati won the NCPEDP-Mphasis Universal Design Award 2019?

Ans: TouchVision

Q 339.  Under which category, Ankita Gulati founder of TouchVision was awarded the NCPEDPMphasis universal Design Award 2019?

Ans: Working Professionals

Q 340.  NS Tasneem, who recently passed away, was an eminent writer in which regional language?

Ans:  Punjabi.

Q 341.  Who is the current chief minister of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Kamal Nath

Q   314.    In which year, NS Tasneem had received the Bhartiya Sahitya Academy award for his novel ‘Gwache Arth’?

Ans:  1999

Q 315.  M India’s first Central Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (CICET) will be set up in:

Ans: Gujarat

Q 316. Who is the current chief minister of Gujarat?

Ans:  Vijay Rupani

Q 317.  Who is the current governor of Gujarat?

Ans:    Acharya Dev Vrat

Q 318.  Name the cricketer, whose life-time ban has been reduced to seven years by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently?

Ans:  S Sreesanth

Q 319. Who has bagged the West Indies Test Player of    the Year award at the seventh CWI/WIPA
Awards 2019?

Ans:Jason Holder

Q 320.  Who recently won the Windies’ T20I Player of the Year award?

Ans:  Keemo Paul

Q 321.  Who has become the first deaf player to win a match in an ATP tournament?

Ans:  Duckhee Lee

Q 322.  Duckhee Lee is related to which sport?

Ans:  Tennis

Q 323.    Recently, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has banned the use of ____ within the Parliament complex.

Ans:  non-reusable plastic

Q 324.  The first edition of ‘The Diary of Manu Gandhi’ is edited and translated by whom?

Ans: Dr Tridip Suhrud

Q 325.  What is the expanded form of ‘NISHTHA’, Teachers Training Programme by HRD ministry

Ans:  National Initiative for School Heads’ and Teachers’ Holistic Advancements

Q 326.  Who is the current HRD minister?

Ans:  Ramesh Pokhriyal

Q 327.  Name the Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, who recently passed away?

Ans: Babulal Gaur

Q 328.  From which date onwards, Indian Railways has decided to ban single-use plastic materials?

Ans:    October 2, 2019 .

Q 329.  The Ministry of Railways has directed all railway units to ban single-use plastic materials with less than ___ thickness.

Ans:  50 microns.

Q 330.  Khumbu Pasang Lhamu municipality, which is home to Mount Everest, has recently banned single-use plastic below:

Ans: 30 microns.

Q 331. Who is the current Prime minister of Nepal?

Ans: Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli

Q 332.  Which state government has approved the appointment of women drivers for the state government and PSU vehicles?

Ans:  Kerala

Q 333.  Who is the current Chief Minister of Kerala?

Ans:  Pinarayi Vijayan

Q 334.  ‘She-Taxi’ was the initiative of which state government?

Ans: Kerala

Q335.  Who has topped the Forbes’ list of World’s Highest-Paid male Actors Of 2019?

Ans:    Dwayne Johnson

Q 336. In which year Article 35 A was incorporated in the constitution via Presidential Order?

Ans: 1954

Q 337.  Which Article of Constitution denies property rights to a Kashmiri woman who marries a person from
outside the state?

Ans: Article 35A.

Q 338.  Which Article of Constitution forbids the J-K government from hiring people, who are nonpermanent residents?

Ans:  Article 35A.

Q 339.  Jammu and Kashmir have been accorded special status under Article 370, which deals with TTS provisions. What does TTS stand for?

Ans: Temporary, Transitional and Special

Q 340. At the time of India’s Independence who was the ruler of J&K?

Ans: King Hari Singh

Q 341. . On which date the Pakistan-backed ‘Azad Kashmir Army’, along with the Pakistani army, invaded
Kashmir and seized a considerable part?

Ans: 20 October 1947.

Q 342.  . Under whose consent Maharaja Hari Singh signed “Instruments of Accession of Jammu & Kashmir”
with India?

Ans:  Sheikh Abdullah

Q 343. With the signing of “Instruments of Accession of Jammu & Kashmir” with India, J&K had handed over only three subjects namely:

Ans:  Defense, foreign affairs and communication

Q 344.  What is the name of the Agreement via which Article 370 was incepted in the Indian Constitution?

Ans:  Instruments of Accession of Jammu & Kashmir

Q 345. . The provisions regarding Article 370 were implemented in India from:

Ans:    17 Nov 1952

Q 346.    According to Article 370, the central government has to take approval from ______ to implement all
the laws except defense, foreign affairs and communication:

Ans:  State Assembly

Q 347.  Under Article 370, 7. If a Kashmiri woman marries ______, her Kashmiri citizenship ceases.

Ans:  Indian.

Q 348.    After revoking of Article 370, what will be the new tenure of State Assembly?

Ans:  5 Years

Q 349.  Under Article 370, If a Kashmiri woman marries _____, her Kashmiri citizenship doesn’t cease.

Ans:    Pakistani

Q 350.  Before the removal of Article 370, Directive Principles of State Policy doesn’t applicable in J&K.
The Directive Principles of State Policy is defined in the ___ of the Constitution.

Ans: Part 4

Q 351. Before the removal of Article 370, Fundamental Rights doesn’t applicable in J&K. The Fundamental
Rights are defined in the ___ of the Constitution.

Ans: Part 4A

Q 352.  Because of Article 370, Financial Emergency can’t be imposed in J&K which is defined in:

Ans: Article 360 of Constitution.

Q 353. Any amendment in the Constitution of India does not apply automatically to J&K unless it is allowed
to be implemented by special order of:

Ans: President

Q 354. Under which Article of the Constitution, the President’s rule can be imposed in Kashmir after 6 months of
Governor’s rule:

Ans: Article 356.

Q 356. In context to J&K, what does IoA stand for?

Ans: Instrument of Accession.

Q 357. After revoking of Article 370, A separate Union Territory will be created for Jammu & Kashmir ___

Ans: with

Q 358. Under the notification regarding revokement of article 370 in J&K, which region is also being given
the status of a Union Territory without legislature:

Ans: Ladakh

Q 359. What is the name of the NGO who has challenged Article 35A’s legality in the Supreme Court on the
grounds that it was never presented before Parliament and was implemented on the President’s orders in 1954?

Ans:  We The Citizens

Q 360. In Article 370, what was the tenure of the state assembly in J&K?

Ans:  6 years.

Q 361. After the removal of Article 370, Minorities in J&K will be eligible for reservation up to:

Ans:  16%


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