Christmas Speech 2020 – Speech For Students And Teacher


We have discussed below Christmas Speech 2020 for both teachers and students who want to convey a positive message to their colleagues, students, and friends about Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, all the teachers and students give their speech in the assembly hall. They can take the reference from this article while preparing for the Christmas Speech 2020.

Speech On Christmas
Speech On Christmas 2020

Christmas Speech 2020 for Students

Perfect Morning to the Principal, Sir, teachers, and all my dear friends!

Today, on this auspicious day of Christmas, we have gathered together to celebrate Christmas; I would like to speak my heart out about this festival in front of all you.

First of all, I would like to thank my class teacher for allowing me to express my views on this occasion.

To begin with, We celebrate Christmas to pay our gratitude and also commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Every year, people wait for this day to celebrate the festival with the utmost happiness and excitement. Starting from a kid to our older ones, everyone starts preparing for the eve before many days. The decoration of the Christmas tree is the limelight of the festival. The Christmas tree consists of bells, gifts, toffees, shoes containing wishes for everyone. Everyone exchanges Christmas Cards with each other. The most exciting thing about the eve is the appearance of Santa Claus, not only for kids but also for everyone.

It is one of the most important occasions for Christians, as they start the preparation many days before Christmas Day. The whole eve of Christmas is termed as Christmastide. The festival marks its ending on the 12th day of Christmas celebration, i.e., January 6. On the evening of Christmas, everyone gathers at one place to exchange gifts with one another and greet Merry Christmas to each other. They keep a Christmas tree in between the garden of the house and decorate the tree with lights, bulbs, candles, and bells.

Also, the Christians in South India have a tradition of burning oil clay lamps in the air, which symbolizes the presence of Jesus in the world. People sing songs and perform certain rituals in the memory of Jesus Christ. Thus, everyone enjoys the eve of Christmas with great joy and happiness.

Thank You to everyone!!

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Christmas Speech 2020 for Teachers

Good Morning my dear students and my esteemed colleagues!

On this occasion of Christmas, I will hare a few lines about how everyone celebrates this festival and its importance.

Everyone celebrates December 25 as a cultural holiday globally, and this occasion holds great importance to the Christians because they celebrate Christmas to remember their God, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was known as a child of God, and people celebrate this occasion to give him heartfelt gratitude. Everyone celebrates Christmas with joy and happiness all over the world, and that is why it is declared as a cultural holiday in almost all the countries of the world. Everyone prepares for this eve with great enthusiasm, and not only Christians but non-Christian people also like to celebrate this festival.

People follow various customs in this festival, and exchange gifts, cards, and celebrate this occasion with their friends and family. Everyone exchanges gifts with each other and decorates the whole house with candles, balloons, lights, bulbs, and bells to make the atmosphere full of positive energy. The most important part of the celebration is Christmas Tree. Everyone decorates the tree with gifts, toffees, bells, lights, and everything, and place the tree in the middle of the house’s garden. Everyone sing songs and dance on the theme music of Christmas and enjoy this festival together. The lightening of candles also takes place in the memory of Jesus Christ and marks his presence among everyone.

The celebration and preparation for the eve begin from many days before December 25 and are celebrated for almost 12 days and mark its end on January 6. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that you liked my Christmas Speech 2020.

Thank you, everyone!

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