Children Day Essay 2020 – Essay For Children And Teachers For 2020


Children Day Essay 2020

Children’s day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children love to say to him “Chacha Nehru” because of his deep affection and love towards children. Children’s day is commemorated every year on a national level in almost all schools and colleges. According to him, children are bright future of the country depends upon the bright future of the children. He said that a country cannot be well developed if its children are weak, poor and improperly developed. When he realized children as the future of the country, he declared his birthday to be celebrated as children’s day in order to completely focus and improve the status of children in the country. Children’s day is being celebrated since 1956 on the 14th of November every year all over India.

Children's Day Speech
Children’s Day Speech


Chacha Nehru loved children so much and spends a lot of precious time with them. It is celebrated with great joy in schools and educational institutions all over India to mark it as a grand fiesta. Schools remain open on this day so that every child may attend the school and participate in numerous activities and events. Various cultural programs and events are organized by the teachers for students’ speeches, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, quizzes, storytelling, poem recitation, fancy dress competition, debates, and so many. Students fully enjoy this day as they can wear any formal and colorful dress as they wish. At the end of the celebration, students have distributed sweets and luxurious delicacies as lunch. Teachers also participate in various cultural activities like dramas and dance for their beloved students. Students also enjoy picnics and tours with their teachers.
Children are a valuable asset of the nation and only hope of tomorrow. In order to
focus on children’s status in every aspect, Chacha Nehru decided his own birth date to be celebrated
as children’s day forever in India to enlighten India a day by making each and every child’s future

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