CBSE Class 10th New Exam Pattern For 2021 – CBSE 10th Syllabus 2021


CBSE Class 10th New Pattern Students are the future of our country. They have the power to change the nation. Teachers are the main motivators in this case. The teachers constantly motivate their students. It has become complex to keep students interested in their education.

The teacher must possess a great creative power to keep pushing the student onward. All students have different abilities to do something new and creative. Creativity makes them special from one another. The children are born of innocents, being neither good nor bad, and the surrounding will create the child. Actually, students are with their teachers for more hours than with their parents.

CBSE Class 10th New Exam Pattern
CBSE Class 10th New Exam Pattern

In this span of time, the students learn many new things from the teachers. The teachers must set an example of good moral values for the students. Learning is a creative method, not a dreaded encounter. CBSE teachers have the power to circulate their knowledge among students.


New pattern

To get the best out of the students, CBSE has continuously evolved its pattern of education. This time, CBS has come up with a brand new proposal to change the board examination paper format for Class 10th. They will be conducting the class’s 10th board exam in the month of March-April 2019. There have been some changes in the new pattern proposed by CBSE. The changes are:

  • The schedule of the board examination will be divided into two parts- main courses and vocational courses.
  • The examinations for the vocational courses will be held in February. The examinations for the main courses will be conducted by the end of March.
  • Then the results will be announced at the end of April or the beginning of May.
  • The question papers will now have more short answer type questions carrying marks between 1 to 5 marks.
  • Now the examiners will be given more time to evaluate the copies of the examination.
  • The CBSE board also plans to introduce new bylaws. There are some important changes in the case of an affiliation certificate. The new bylaws are for evaluating the academic quality of an institution before announcing it is an affiliated school or renewing an affiliated school’s certification.

New Pattern Syllabus Download Link

CBSE Recently Changed all syllabus and exam pattern for exam pattern, Here Full Links of Latest Syllabus Fro official website just click on download it get automatically download.

Subject  Link
Math Download
Hindi (A B ) Download A , Download B
Science Download
Social Science Download
English Download


CBSE New Pattern

The Central Board of Secondary Education has faced mortification of question paper leaks in March 2018. So the board has decided to use encrypted question papers for the Class X examination starting next year. They have decided to pass on the task of printing question papers to schools from the very next year.

They have also made some changes in the question pattern. The aim of the new question paper is to test a child’s problem solving and analytical skills rather than their ability to memorize the whole matter and write the answer. This new move is now being tested as a pilot project in the on-going compartmental examinations.

New support:

The Central Board of Secondary Examinations is also planning to provide logistical support to the examination centers, which are running out adequate printing and Xerox machines. A center with 500 students will need to print 8000 pages of question papers on one subject. For this, logistics need some more printers, the Internet, photocopies and power back up.

CBSE New exam pattern

After the brand new exam pattern at CBSE, the  10th class 2019 consists of 80 marks for the written board exam and 20 marks for internal assessment. The 80 marks of the paper cover the syllabus of theory subject. On the other hand, the internal assessment segment consists of periodic tests, notebook submissions and subject enrichment activities. This new exam pattern at CBSE creates room for continuous and comprehensive evaluation assessing the overall development of children. The percentage of marks has also been changed by a new pattern at CBS. From the year 33% onwards, the students have to secure 33% marks individually in both segments in order to clear the examination.

Grade System

The CBSE exam pattern of class 10th evaluates all students on the basis of the 9-point grading system. The nine-point grading system is given considering both formative and summative assessment. The grading system is:


        Marks Range          Grade
91-100 A1
81-90 A2
71-80 B1
61-70 B2
51-60 C1
41-50 C2
33-40 D
32 and below E (Failed)


Written Exam

According to the CBSE 10th exam pattern, the math question paper consists of 30 questions divided into 4 segments. In the science question paper, there will be 27 questions divided into two sections A and B. The question paper of social science consists of 25 questions from the main subject and 1-3 questions will come from the map section. According to the new pattern, the English question paper consists of 11 questions and the paper will be divided into three sections A, B and C.

Internal assessment

The new pattern of the CBSE class 10th has offered the opportunity to assess the 20 mark to the schools. This idea of 20 marks is based on a child’s creativity, punctuality, reading and writing skills and subject knowledge to name a few. The new pattern of assessment includes a periodic test of 10 marks, a notebook submission of 5 marks and the subject of enrichment activities.

Periodic tests will occur two to three times in an academic year. The overall exam pattern consists of a mix of questions. There are very short answer type questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions. Apart from these three types of questions, respective subject teachers can decide the question type. Notebook submission is based on neatness, regularity and organizational skills.

The enrichment activities include different types of ability like narration, dialogue conversation, presentation, speaking and listening ability. In the case of science subjects, there are also lab activities, project work or map work.

This new pattern will help the students a lot. The teachers will get the power to judge every student in a newly revised way. CBS will set a new benchmark through its newly revised exam pattern in the educational system.

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