Career in Tourist Management – Career Options and Requirements


International tourism management is now an emerging filed with full of opportunities in India. As most of the population in India loves to travel, the career in tourist management comes to an obvious growth opportunity field in India. Here in this article, we will give you the full details about the Career Opportunities, Career options and Requirements for the tourism field in India.

Career in Tourist Management

The career in Tourist Management is consists of several fields of performing posts like travel clerks, tour guides, travel agents, lodging managers or tourism marketing managers. The eligibility or pre-requisite for several posts in tourist management field is descriptive and given below in the list. Some of these careers require a high school diploma and on-the-job training, while others require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration, hospitality or a related field. Here is the complete information about eligibility for the various posts of the Tourist management field.

Posts Educational Eligibility
Travel Clerks High School Diploma
Tour Guides High School Diploma or Bachelors Degree
Travel Agent Bachelors Degree
Travel Guides Bachelors Degree
Lodging Managers Masters Degree
Tourism Marketing Managers Masters Degree

Expected Growth in India

Below Table Will show expected growth in India in tourism management.

Posts Projected Job Growth from 2014 -2024
Travel Clerks 1% to 2%
Tour Guides 5% to 8%
Travel Agent -2%
Travel Guides -1% to 1%
Lodging Managers 5% to 8%
Tourism Marketing Managers 9% to 13%

Job Prospectus

Travel Clerks

Travel Clerks provides clients with travel information including local points of interest, restaurants and hotel rates. This is generally considered an entry-level position for those who want to work as international tourism managers.

Tour Guides

Tour guides lead clients on educational or sight-seeing activities at a variety of tourist attractions.

Travel Agents

Travel agents help their clients sift through vast amounts of travel information.

Lodging Managers

Lodging managers ensure that a hotel, inn, bed and breakfast establishment, campground, youth hostel or another place of lodging is run effectively and profitably.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers work with a team of advertisers to promote the products and services of a travel or tourism agency.

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