Best Tips To Clear SSC CPO Exam In First Attempt


Every year a large number of government job aspirants wait for the opportunity to get and SSC CPO is a good chance to get and with the right strategy and a decent amount of preparation, you can clear the SSC CPO exam easily. Or maybe, get that uniformed post from SSC CPO. All you have to do is make a master plan and stick to it. The goal might seem difficult or even unachievable at the time, but you stick to the plan, like Andy Dufrense from the Shawshank redemption.

And unlike UPSC exams, last-minute preparation matters the most in SSC CPO Examwhere revision and quiz/mock practice plays an elemental role. What is gathered at the last minute stay at the frontline of your preparation and is a very crucial part of your entire journey?

The most important part of your last-Minute Strategy should be a revision, mocks and quiz for SSC Exams particularly SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz. Now, let us look 15-day plan for SSC CPO.

Best Tips To Clear SSC CPO Exam
Best Tips To Clear SSC CPO Exam

Last 15 Day Plan

The Last 15 days prior to your SSC CPO Examination is the most catalytic part of your preparation. It can make and break your entire groundwork. The topics revised in these 15 days seal your work and give your blade one last final gush.

You need to somehow cover the entire syllabus you have studied in these 15 days. And we know it’s tricky, that’s why we can be of your help in preparing and charting out your plant for the final two weeks of your SSC CPO Preparation.

Section Time Duration for learning and preparing questions and methods. The time duration to revise tricks, concepts, and learned formulas.
Reasoning 2.5- 3 hours (1-2 topics) 15 minutes
General Knowledge 1.5 Hours (Morning Hours are better) 15 Minutes
English 1 Hour 15 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 4 Hours (1- 2 Topics) 30 minutes


Reasoning Section:

The reasoning section holds the weightage of 50/700 marks in the SSC CPO examination. It might seem unimportant at a broader view but it holds equal weightage as Mathematics, GS, and English in the SSC CPO examination which makes it as important as other subjects.

You need to cover/revise all the basic short notes of CPOReasoning. Additionally, if you are feeling a little lagged behind certain topics, you can also solve the SSC Quiz. Another task in the strategy for students can be looking at the previous year’s questions and trying to solve them without the use of pen and paper to increase their mental calculation skills.

As the last step, revisit all the mocks that you have appeared for in your preparation and look at all the questions you couldn’t do or did wrong. Try and develop an understanding of such questions and make your preparation flawless.

SSC CPO Last Minute Hack: Solve 50 questions of reasoning every day

Quantitative Aptitude Section

This is the most important section to be studied for SSC CPOtest. It holds the weightage of 250/700 numbers in SSC CPO. The last 15 days strategy for SSC CPO will work for you if you have an idea about the syllabus of the section. The syllabus of SSC CPO Quantitative Aptitude includes Arithmetic, Advance, Geometry, Algebra, and Number System.

The last 15 days strategy for SSC CPO Quantitative aptitude includes as many quizzes as possible. Quantitative Aptitude Quiz will help you cover all the topics while keeping the focus on just the Quants section and nothing else. You will develop an understanding of the difficulty level of questions asked in the examination as well.

In order to keep your preparation up to date and complete, a quick glance every day at the short notes and formulae is important too. If you do not have the list of formulae, make sure to create one.

SSC CPO Last Minute Hack: Learn Short-cut methods. Remember squares, tables, square roots

English Sections

English section of SSC CPO is similar to the Chemistry section of JEE Mains and Advanced. You gotta mug as much as you can and hope that the questions asked are relevant to your preparation.

We will be focussing on the revision of everything you have studied till now and the takeaways from all the mocks that you have given. Make it a habit of revising everything you early in the morning along with General Science which will be discussed later in the article.

Taking SSC Quizzes for English is also a good step to finalize your preparation but should not be done at the cost of revision, but instead as an additional step.

SSC CPO Last Minute Hack: Solve 30 grammar questions daily and revise your basic grammar.

General Science

GS is a tricky subject when it comes to SSC CPO. Keep your final day’s preparation limited to what you have studied and make a revision of everything a daily habit. Since the syllabus of SSC CPO GS is vast, divide subjects among days and complete everything before the D-Day. SSC CPO Last Minute Hack: Revise all Science short notes

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