5 Tips to Maintain Work-Life Balance


As most of us have transitioned into working from home, many might think it is easier to maintain a work-life balance. However, it is not true. Since the lines defining work and home have blurred, working professionals are struggling to keep a balance.

Here are 5 tips to help you navigate through the balance rope:

  • Prioritize:

Whenever you are feeling overworked, ask yourself what is causing me stress and unbalance?  What are my priorities? What am I sacrificing? Asking all such questions is important as it allows you to take a step back and rethink your priorities. Once you acknowledge the issues, it becomes easier to tackle them. Make a to-do list and put them into 4 categories: Urgent but not important, Important but not urgent, Urgent and important and neither urgent nor important.

Therefore, it helps you to take a break and reprioritize work and life.

  • Set Out ‘ME’ Time:

Me time is so important for a healthy body and mind. As our mind and body are connected, me time allows one to disconnect from any work-related stress. For someone who is starting out, you can begin with deep breathing and focus. You can also say words of affirmation like ‘I am safe’ ‘My body is healthy’ ‘I radiate positivity

It will make you feel energized and increase awareness of your emotions. When you are aware of your emotions, it helps you make rational decisions on the work front.

  • Have Realistic Goals:

Create a timeline for all the tasks you have to complete. And then move on to establishing goals. Always make sure your goals are time-bound, realistic, specific, and measurable. Choose the best course of action possible. Think strategically and prioritize your tasks!

  • Spend Time with your loved ones

Make it a habit to set aside time to do the things you love with those you love. Plan special dates that you’ll look forward to. Also, make sure it doesn’t overlap with your working hours. Take out time to talk with friends, or do a fun exercise class together. Attend family events and make sure you take a genuine interest in the lives of your loved ones.

  • Establish Working Hours and Stick to them:

If you are working from home, clearly set your working hours. Establish when you will begin working and when you will be done for the day. Check your work e-mails, calls, meetings during this set time. You can also use apps to set boundaries for your work and life. Technology can benefit you to maintain a work-life balance.  For instance, you can use applications like Headspace, Weekly Planner, Habits, etc.




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